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  • SmashinGit

    by Published on December 7th, 2006 21:27

    NJ has released a new version of his NeoGeo MVS Emulator for the PSP

    Heres the translated whats new:

    1.33 As for the bug which becomes aware the intention of crushing entirely. When it corresponds once, as for the game which is written the intention of trying to move entirely. Correcting the bug where SYSTEM ROM ERROR is indicated with ms5pcb and svcpcba. ini renewing the file and the version of state data. Because you cannot use old state data, to be possible. As for mslug4 and mslug5 unless the luster interruption is effective, because it seems that is frozen, way always in inside it operates with Raster Effects = ON, modification. When there is a game which is frozen to in addition to, please try Raster Effects effectively. [rihuretsushiyureto] from 60fps modification to 59.1856fps. When FPS is indicated??? /59FPS it is indicated, but because it is normal. * Kernel Mode edition being able to compile 1.32 just that is not it seems. It is necessary everything to cancel the cash file so far the usage, to do again to draw up cash file anew. Romcnv_mvs.exe which belongs to this file (Ver.06) using, please draw up. Furthermore, with MVS ZIP compressed cash was abolished with circumstances. When cash is drawn up, the gamename_cache folder is drawn up to the cache folder of romcnv. Please copy this folder until recently in the same way in the cache folder of MVSPSP. If development circumstance especially problem it is not with and the like this, doing detailed adjustment, as 1.40 the source release schedule. Is concerning the case whether the ROM file which is written on 2ch everything is converted, whether it is not you should have used that way, but there being various reasons, it has become the present cause ROM and the shape which jointly uses cash. As for this shape there is no schedule which in the future is changed. With PSP the memory which is necessary for decoding and cryptographic cancellation is not enough at all. In addition, operational ability being too low, because time is required for cryptographic cancellation too much, the method of utilizing the origin ROM that way is impossible. When it converts entirely, if specification is not modified, unless it is all non compression, it stops being able to go and MS amount used increases. Specification it modifies and as for compressing part all conversion later it thinks that completely there is no meaning, depending upon below. Approximately, as for the half game because necessity not to do, large portion among the remaining halves only part draws up cash file, we would not like to cut labor, as (laughing) 201 people write, the person who is understood that is thought cash whether truth whether already you do, but after it converted, because sprite ROM of the original ROM file (c1.bin and the like) and PCM ROM (), program such as v1.bin ROM () everything such as p1.bin it is not reference, it is deletion possible. As for the deletion possible file it is the file which is indicated in the time of cash file compilation. “When it deleted the fact that you do not write boldly, it stopped moving”, that because “please makes the deletion tool” and so on the mail comes. In addition, please understand the fact that because as for not deleting on tool side, the person who dislikes that is. (The game which is done is limited, because probably will be, it is to think that privately it is not many time, but….)

    Well that makes a lot of sense :P

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on October 10th, 2006 06:32

    Here's the latest information regarding this excellent Spectrum emulator for the Psp.

    HexDump the coder of the fantastic Spectrum emulator has posted this update on his website.

    Hi all,

    As you may know, Im back again. I have little time to work in pspectrum, so, a new version will come out but not soon. Ive opened this thread to let you all talk about several topics of the new version like:

    x New GUI system (old is ungly and somehow uncomfortable (is this the right word?).
    x New Features (not included things like new hardware support like +3, but things like several savestates for each game, etc..)

    I would like to hear having bugs, etc, for example:

    x Sound problems/glitches.
    x Emulator slowdowns.
    x Games not working (well this is something related to fuse).


    I have some news too, related to pspectrum legality. I have been talking with the other coder of the engine I using for pspectrum called MGE (he is the main coder and a friend of mine, I just added some classes to the engine) and he accepted to let me publish full pspectrum sources. We made a deal, we will clean MGE code and release the engine to the community before pspectrum is released and then I will be able to release pspectrum that uses a modified version of MGE, the one I coded to let MGE support 3D psp hardware and other goodies.

    Hope everybody will be happy now with a new pspectrum version in the horizont,


    So if you have found any bugs or know of any problems please let HexDump know by visiting the forums at his website.

    http://personal.telefonica.terra.es/...m/homeeng.html ...
    by Published on August 28th, 2006 12:19

    Botrops has released a new version of his excellent Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator for the PSP, Here's whats new:

    Improved render and video routines
    Two added sound filters: interpolation and reverb

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on July 31st, 2006 08:51

    PSPMaster is a Sega Master System / Game Gear emulator made for the Sony Play Station Portable system. It was made 100% in C language by [Bo]Trops and compiled using GNU C.
    The emulator uses the old Marat Z80 emulator by Marat Fayzullin, some parts of SMS Plus by Charles Mac Donald, and is heavylly optimized for the PSP system.
    PSPMaster is running at full speed without frame skiping when the YM2413 sound emulation is disabled. Please do not change default options if you don't know what you are doing.

    Download and Give Feedback via comments ...
    by Published on July 14th, 2006 14:14

    Steffano Russel has released a new version of his PSP Brew Software for the PSP, PSP Brew is great for Converting Eboots and changing icons etc on releases.

    This whats new, Google Translation.

    New languages: Dutch and Danish - Fixed crash if exist network unit disconnected.
    Fixing an error when sorting homebrew.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on June 17th, 2006 22:34

    Kristof has updated his excellent Commodore 64 emulator for the psp, here's what new,

    V1.0 :

    What's new :

    - True drive emulation. List of supported games is now same as Vice (hugeeee).

    - .G64 file supported

    - Better speed accuracy

    - Support .zip files (one or multiple files into zip(s) )

    - Save snapshot on MemoryStick. Allow 4 saves for 1 game.

    - Improved disk/tape browser with screenshots and info file. Can also display .nfo file from gamebase game archives.

    - Save settings on exit

    - Enable / Disable sound option

    - Scrolling in menu

    - Cpu clock, 266 Mhz is now available

    - Customizable menu font

    - Palette support (Vice format .vpl)

    - Use Vice1.18 sources (instead of 1.14)

    - Save screenshot with snapshot

    - Save Date and time into snapshot text

    - Add "already typed lines" in menu : Load "$",8, Load"*",8,1, List, Run

    - Keymapping for simultaneous 2 players (turn in on in menu)

    - User can change keymapping and save/load it. Any shortcut can be assigned on any key.

    - Long name support and display in file browser

    - Doc on website

    Bug fixed :

    - Sound is now better

    - Sound is not disabled when loading a quick snapshot

    - Sound

    - True Drive emulation is now "off" after reset (drive-ressource.c)

    - Very long file name were crashing emu

    - Save to disk (from C64) is now working. You need to detach disk image or attach another image to save the disk image to memory stick (or it will stay into memory and will be lost).

    What is still not working :

    - P00 files fail

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on June 15th, 2006 10:59

    This is taken from www.360monster.com

    The hype surrounding Street Fighter 2 is now starting to pick up steam and many are speculating that the game like so many other arcade titles will appear out of thin air on the marketplace.

    Sadly Capcom revealed to 1up that they would be announcing a release date and they wouldn't just chuck the new game onto the marketplace once its finished. Many arcade titles have just randomly appeared online and have been found by gamers mostly by luck, Capcom will not be doing the same with SFII:HF.

    Despite all the delays many gamers are still gagging for the new title which has no official release date. Keep an eye out for news on the games release date and review here at 360Monster. ...
    by Published on June 11th, 2006 19:17

    HexDump has released a new version of Spectrum emulator for the psp. Here's a quote,

    New PsPectrum 1.0.4 available. Get it in downloads section. This version comes with a buch of new things such AY-3 emulation, Savestates, etc...

    Cheers, and happy pspectruming ,


    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on June 11th, 2006 19:17

    HexDump has released a new version of Spectrum emulator for the psp. Here's a quote,

    New PsPectrum 1.0.4 available. Get it in downloads section. This version comes with a buch of new things such AY-3 emulation, Savestates, etc...

    Cheers, and happy pspectruming ,


    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
    by Published on August 21st, 2004 11:24

    Is it possible to move the inbox on the ngage, from the system memory to the mmc?? Am having trouble sending large files via bluetooth as it comes up saying i'm low on memory. ...
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