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  • Shrygue

    by Published on January 2nd, 2018 11:53

    I wish to bid on behalf of DCemu; everyone, users and visitors alike, a happy new year. 2017 has gone, but it brought us the likes of the Nintendo Switch, exploits being found for it, the PS3 version 4.81 / 4.82 exploits making downgrades possible, etc. It's been a hell of a ride - roll on 2018!

    What did you think was notable gaming and homebrew-wise for 2017? Reply via comments below. ...
    by Published on December 26th, 2016 21:02

    On behalf of DCEmu, I bid all users and visitors a merry Christmas. I hope you've all have a great time today taking time off work, unwrapping the presents and enjoying a great Christmas dinner. Please don't go overboard with the drinking though!

    2016 has been an eventful year, with the likes of the PS4 Pro/Slim and Xbox One S making their debut, the Nintendo unveiling their interesting Switch console and various VR headsets making their appearances, to name a few. There was the Pokemon Go craze that went on for a while and following from that the recent release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. In terms of homebrewing, there was the announcement of a possible firmware exploit on the PS4 on version 4.01 and releases of Henkaku/taiHenkaku for PS Vita. All that mentioned, let's see what next year will have for us. If there's anything of this year gaming-wise that ought to get a mention, then please...

    Leave feedback and thoughts via comments below ...
    by Published on December 25th, 2012 18:15
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    Hello to all. I wish to bid on behalf of DCEmu UK a merry Christmas to everyone - users and visitors alike - a merry Christmas and Boxing Day. Unwrap those presents, pull some crackers, enjoy the dinner with the showcase turkey and pudding afterwards. Oh and of course wash it all down with a glass of wine or few (or a few beers perhaps) but don't go overboard! Nobody wants the one day in the year ruined because of a few too many, lol! ...
    by Published on October 12th, 2012 17:56
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    2. Apple iPhone

    via MCV

    Outspoken tech exec and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has labelled his former employer as “arrogant” regarding its refusal to make the iPhone 5 larger.

    Though the design and construction of Apple’s latest handset is undoubtedly amongst the very best on the market, the handset is certainly undersized compared to its strongest competitors such as Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

    And Wozniak clearly thinks this is a serious mistake.

    "Part of me wishes that Apple had not been so kind of arrogant and feeling we’re the only one with the right clue,” he told South African site TechCentral, as transcribed by MCV’s sister site ME.

    “I wish they had made a small and a large version of the iPhone; that would have been great for me. Keep the aspect ratio the same, horizontal and vertical the same, but just grow it in the other way.

    “I think Apple tricked itself and said ‘oh you could reach everything with one thumb’ and I don’t see anybody having any trouble using the larger screens.

    "Apple said that as a defensive move because when the other phones came out they all had larger screens. Apple is now trying to run with that defence, saying ‘we are right’ and really there’s a mix of people. Not all people want the same thing and a lot of people really like the big screens.”
    by Published on October 12th, 2012 17:38
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    2. PS3 News,
    3. PC News,
    4. Xbox 360 News

    via Eurogamer

    Those of you playing FIFA Ultimate Team and following EA Sports on Twitter will know that the developer has been rolling out tweaks and fixes to its server infrastructure ever since FIFA 13 launched to try to solve issues with trading piles, watch lists and the auction house.

    Well, according to a forum post from EA's community manager CHUBOI 7 in the early hours of the morning, there will be more maintenance this week as well as a title update for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 that two-footed tackles various bugs and connectivity issues.

    Maintenance that took place yesterday should have successfully addressed stuck and missing items in the FUT watch list and trade pile, duplicate match results in Seasons and Online Friendlies and being relegated from Div 1 in Seasons with matches remaining.

    There will also be more maintenance late tonight US time (early Friday UK) that will result in service downtime and will allow the developers to do some work on the FUT auction house, to change error messaging in the FUT Web and EA Sports Football Club apps, and to stop leaderboards displaying incorrect gamertags.

    As for the title update, that's beginning to roll out now for the PC version and will follow for PS3 and Xbox 360 users "later this weekend". Here's the full list of tweaks for that:

    • Connection stability in Online Seasons when finding an opponent in the Arena, and at kick-off.
    • Career Mode freeze while starting a new career with free agents.
    • Career Mode hangs when using Game Face.
    • Stability in Career Mode when players retire or are being bought back from loan.
    • Users will no longer be able to lower difficulty settings in a FUT Seasons match.
    • Freeze in FUT Online Tournament HUB on PS3.
    • Napoli of Serie A will now have fully authentic kits and crests in FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team.
    • Legacy defending and passing assistance options removed in Pro Clubs.
    • Freeze in Pro Clubs Results screen.
    • Matchmaking settings in Pro Clubs (with "ANY" and "Match Keeper") will provide the desired results.
    • Changes made in National Squad not properly reflected in Manager Mode screen.
    • (PC Only) Freeze while retrieving Hospitality Settings.

    "Some fans may wonder why we can't fix all the known issues at once," CHUBOI wrote. "That's a fair question and the answer isn't quite as simple. We are delivering improvements and fixes in such a way to ensure the millions of people playing FIFA 13 each day do not experience undue or overly lengthy network/server outages, that title updates and other improvements are done to a high quality, and that we're confident the changes will improve the FIFA 13 experience for everyone.

    "We have plans for further updates to FIFA 13 this month, so stay tuned and we'll keep you updated on the dates for these improvements, as and when available."

    According to the forum post, FIFA 13 is responsible for "the largest amount of daily online play for any game in EA history". And that's not just me playing the Advanced Shooting Skill Game over and over again for ever and ever. ...
    by Published on October 12th, 2012 17:33
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    via Eurogamer

    Nintendo has removed its claim that New Super Mario Bros. U will include 1080p support.

    The developer yesterday boasted on its website that players would "experience Mario like never before... in full 1080p HD".

    But, overnight, this sentence has been altered to promise the game "in high definition".

    Nintendo has thus far demoed New Super Mario Bros. U in 720p, although 1080p would be perfectly feasible. The Wii U is designed to support the graphical format, and downloadable platformer Toki Tori will offer 1080p support at the console's launch.

    Was it simply too good to be true, a feature Nintendo wasn't ready to announce? Or was it a mistake?

    Nintendo has yet to respond to Eurogamer's requests for comment. We'll update if we hear back. ...
    by Published on September 13th, 2012 20:02
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    via Eurogamer

    Back in May, it seemed like Bayonetta 2 was dead in the water. The original attracted critical praise aplenty, but failed to make much of a dent in the charts and the only statement that developer Platinum Games would make was that they'd love to make a sequel, but only when the time was right.

    Well, it turns out that the time was right all along, and Bayonetta 2 will not only be a Wii U exclusive but will be published by Nintendo, perhaps the most unlikely saviour for a series with such a strong emphasis on violence and sexuality. The first game was of course published by Nintendo's old sparring partner, Sega.

    The reveal of Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive was arguably the highlight of Nintendo's video announcement today, with a brief flash of footage and the promise that Yusuke Hashimoto of Platinum Games is once again at the helm. Will the game make use of the Wii U's unique touchscreen gamepad, or has it been designed with the more familiar Pro Controller joypad in mind? We'll have to wait and see. For now, let's just be happy that one of the great action games has been given a new lease of life. ...
    by Published on September 6th, 2012 19:54
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    2. Nintendo Wii News

    via Video Gamer

    The Wii U version of Ghost Recon Online has been put "on hold", Ubisoft has confirmed.

    Talking to VideoGamer.com earlier today, Ghost Recon Online's producer Theo Sanders revealed that development of the Wii U version had ceased to offer the team the opportunity to focus "completely on the PC version".

    "As of right now, the entire Ghost Recon team is focused on the PC version only," Sanders revealed. "The Wii U version is on hold.

    "If in the future we have an opportunity to address it again, we'll make future announcements. But as of right now we're focused completely on the PC version."
    The decision to cease development of the Wii U version was not made in reaction to Nintendo's online plans for the console, Sanders added.

    "It's not a reaction to anything specific happening to [Wii U]," he continued. "It was a really fun, cool platform to develop for. But you realise once you launch an online service that it's an all-consuming effort, so we really wanted to have all hands on deck. It was the same dev team working on both SKUs, and [we] really wanted to focus on doing the PC version right.

    "I'm not really in a position to talk about the Wii U, but our particular choice for Ghost Recon Online was purely based on the fact that we had one dev team working on both SKUs and it was an all-consuming effort with the PC launch. It's tough launching an online game."
    The Wii U version of Ghost Recon Online had been in development at Ubisoft Shanghai in tandem with the PC version.

    The game was announced for Wii U during Nintendo's E3 conference last year.

    However, the game could potentially see a release on consoles in the future, Sanders revealed.

    "It's hard to say how the future will go for Ghost Recon Online," he continued. "I think in the future as different platforms evolve towards service models and towards being really online-driven, community-driven platforms, then we'll definitely be looking at what our options are.

    "I think it's one of the strengths of the PC platform and I believe it's something that all console manufacturers understand to be a strength of the PC platform, and will definitely be looking for interesting and innovative ways to bring their own experiences to."
    An open beta for Ghost Recon Online launched on PC last month.

    Wii U is due to launch this holiday. ...
    by Published on September 6th, 2012 19:48
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    2. Xbox 360 News

    via MCV

    Microsoft will have to solve a major tech headache if it wishes to hit its planned September 2013 launch for the Xbox 720, if new reports are to be believed.

    Tech site SemiAccurate reports that a chip designed for use in the console, dubbed ‘Oban’, is providing lower-than-usual yields. (Manufacturing microchips is notoriously unreliable. The yield is the number of production units that are functional. Newer tech can sometimes suffer from higher failure rates and, in some instances, prove to be uneconomical).

    Oban yields are being described as “worse than painfully low”. Microsoft has even outsourced production to three separate factories in the hope that one will strike upon some sort of magic formula to improve the situation.

    Microsoft current launch schedule is said to be able to accommodate a six to eight week delay, but anything beyond that could force the company to alter its plans.

    And what is this release date? September 2013, according to SemiAccurate. And the site adds that if it were to slip, heads would most certainly roll.

    There are also details about the Xbox 720’s innards. The CPU is apparently, as rumoured, an AMD x86. However, the GPU seems to have undergone an upgrade from the last reports we heard, and is now based on AMD’s HD7000, though it has been specifically tweaked by Microsoft for its machine.

    AMD is also believed to be supplying the CPU and GPU for PS4.

    See, we told you Microsoft was planning a 2013 launch. ...
    by Published on August 21st, 2012 00:40

    Everyone, please show your support for the DCEmu revival campaign. We need your help. One person can make a difference. However many people are needed to for these changes to happen. With virtually no active userbase, boards a mess with too many forums, signs of previous hack attacks, a broken download database plus a number of other problems, this site is nowhere as great as it once was. Add your voice of support by replying on the board or via comments below!

    , take note of this, -please- listen to us and give your input to help turn this site around! ...
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