Every Steam Machine shown so far has amounted to a small desktop PC. But what if you want to take that gaming experience on the road? Well, you might get your wish -- meet Steamboy, a handheld take on Valve's platform. On the outside, it's pretty much what you'd expect; it looks like an Steam Controller prototype (including the signature touchpads) with a 5-inch display slotted in between. Its creator (Steamboy Machine) isn't giving out many other details right now, but ittells The Escapist that the device's quad-core processor (likely either an Intel Atom or AMD A4) and 4GB of RAM "won't be as powerful" as other Steam Machines. That's not surprising given the size, however, and it should play the "majority" of titles. There are also promises of 3G mobile data and 32GB of built-in storage.