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Thread: Short watchdogs review from shadowprophet.

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    Cool Short watchdogs review from shadowprophet.

    Yuck. Hype is a terrible thing. It can make people believe truly aweful abominations are justified because its the (in) thing to do. It controls terribly and movment feels sluggish when compared to both gta and assassins creed. The story is so generic that they actually lifted individual elements from assassins creed . Look i know watchdogs is this big tripple a hype object but damn , the game cant ****ing decide if its gta assassins creed or a ****ing open world batman game with a garbage story . Its almost complete cash crop garbage , i will admit the graphics are nice._ 4.5

    If anyone questions my ability to rate a game keep in mind i have been a steady gamer for over 25 years.

    I brand watchdogs as clone copy cut paste garbage the fact that it holds tripple a status is proof of the corruption the hype machine and lack of other games has lead us to believe .
    There will be defenders of this game but mark my words when a sequel comes from this everyone even the developers themselves will admit how flawed the first was._
    By the way if you have a ps4 or an xbox one hit up you are welcome

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