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Thread: Castaway/PSP Version 003 Released (Atari ST Emulator)

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    Thumbs up Castaway/PSP Version 003 Released (Atari ST Emulator)

    Skeezix has posted a new release in our PSP Emulation and Homebrew forum of his excellent Atari ST emulator for the PSP, heres whats new:

    Tonnes of additions.. its really pulling together, and most anything you'd want is now present. Just need to fill in a few more little things, maybe flesh out the menu navigation options a bit, and add some config files.. but all the main goods like savestates and loadstates are all present now!

    Alpha 003
    NEW: While emulation is running, hit [START] to bring up runtime options
    o Disk Management -- lets you eject and insert a different floppy(s)
    o Reset menu works -- lets you exit the emulator entirely, or do a
    warm reset on the ST (ie: Try inserting some disks, then hitting
    reset, and voila.. no need to exit emulator to swap disks.)
    CHG: Turned brightness up a notch (shifted colour palette decoding)
    o Med res and low res both
    CHG: On-screen keyboard
    o The 'selection' is alpha blended to darken the key; nicer than blacking
    it out
    o The keyboard itself will fade in and out rather than just toggling on
    and off when you hit the [select] button
    NEW: In addition to .ST disks, .MSA format disks are all supported; further,
    either kind of disk can be in a .zip file and work fine. (As long as thats
    the only file in the .zip) -- some .ST's will compress from 800k to 200k
    in a zip file, so it could be worth it.
    NEW: Added simple intro-screen so you know what version is coming up
    NEW: Disk picker changes
    o When you hit () to pick a disk, it'll ask you if you'd like to insert
    it into drive A, or B, look it up in the database, or delete it.
    o Insert into A, B, and delete now work
    o Disk picker now allows you to have many disks -- it'll scroll; no more
    than about a thousand disks for now (It shows .ST, .MSA, .ZIP and
    .SS files)
    o If no disk is chosen (like you hit X to many times), it'll warn you so
    you know why nothing really exciting is going on
    FIX: The mouse should work nicely; in 001/002 it might sometimes just not
    work at all, but I've tried it in no-disks, and Dungeon Master and others
    FIX: The key release and press mechanism has been fixed up a bit; when you
    use the on-screen keyboard to press a key, it should get held down for
    1/6th second and then released. If this is not sufficient, let me know
    and I can increase its duration.. but that should be plenty.
    NEW: Savestates/loadstates - you can now save a snapshot to SD card and
    load it up later; far more useful than in-game-saving, and faster.
    o Build a crude keyboard based interface to typing in a filename for SD card
    o Savestate
    - you name a filen "aaaa" and the emu compresses the system RAM (etc)
    into a zipped file "" (.ss denotes savestate)
    o Loadstate (from the normal disk picker menu)
    - pick a .ss file in the disk picker (as if it was any other disk); a
    "load now" or "delete" menu will appear, so you can fire up the state
    or just delete it
    o Seems to work; I saved out a xenon2 savestate and loaded her back up;
    use this to circumvent multi-disk or long loadtimes (Civilization and
    Dungeon Master, I'm looking at you!)
    NEW: Check for existance of TOS.ROM; if missing, show warning.
    NEW: Games database
    o When you pick a .msa, .st or .zip, it'll offer to insert it into the
    drives; another option is to "look it up in the database", which calculates
    a CRC on the disk and looks it up in a special database the GP32 users
    helped create. If the CRC is found, a listing of games on that known
    disk is shown.. otherwise, an error shows that its not in the database.

    I hope you dig it!

    Let me know what you think


    Download Here -->

    Please leave your thanks/bug reports & compatibility here -->

    Thanks to Skeezix himself for posting the news on the forums and telling me on IRC about the new release

    Update- i added a v1.00 eboot for those with v1.00 PSPs like moi

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    blood money the submarine flickers when lots happen on screen.
    copper/raster(forget which ) problems in fire and ice.
    sampled sounds seems to be too fast too

    other than that its fantastic

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    ps fire button doesnt work on cybernoid2

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    This is great, this is totally awesome! I thought this emu was one of the best before but now it's on the top of my list! It's a pity that PSPUAE isn't as good as this. Once again, Thank You!!! The only thing missing is an option to assign keyboard keys or joystick keys to a specific button on the PSP. And a way to speed down the emulator would be nice (I shouldn't complain when an emulator is tunning to fast ).

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