New version of the Atari 2600 emulator for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.


- Fixed M6532 RIOT timer emulation. More testing is needed, but the changes so far have fixed several ROMs that didn't work before.
- Fixed issue with weird characters in the debugger disassembly when loading .lst files.
- Fixed bug where entering the debugger for 4A50 and E0 carts caused the ROM to be frozen afterwords.
- Removed logic whereby starting a ROM from something other than the built-in launcher wouldn't allow the user to go back to the ROM launcher.
- Fixed bug (hopefully) with the app icon not showing on the Stella window. Further testing is needed, since I can't duplicate the error myself.
- Fixed default snapshot folder issues; the folder will now be automatically created in the same place as state folders, ini files, etc (whereever that may be for your platform).
- Re-added 'lastrom' functionality, where Stella will remember and auto-select the last ROM that was successfully launched in the ROM launcher.
- For Stella developers, fixed SpeakJet emulation so it compiles again. No improvements have been made to the emulation itself, though.

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