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    Default I am Monkey... Hear me go ape **** over bananas.

    Welcome welcom welcom everybody.

    So what the farkbot is going on?

    Well officialy from now on. I am dropping my old handles of subbie & nexis2600. All my official stuff will be onder PSmonkey. Why? well I always like considering my self a code monkey. And now since I am in love with the PSP I am now Playstation Monkey or PSmonkey for short.

    So what is up in this crazy world?

    There is officialy 3 projects actively going on at this current time.

    .) ngPsp - Port of NeoPop to the PSP
    You all know the status of this emulator. I have desided to go ahead and release the build sitting on my pc. It will be posted up sometime this weekend or monday.

    .) Nemo - My Wifi librarys.
    The wonderful Wifi librarys I have been working on. I have recieved tons of great information from users on the ps2dev forum which will help me alot with getting online suport working. As for the adhoc side of things. I have made nice progress in pushing that forward but am at a small stoping ground in the mean time. I am also at the current time rewriting everything into clean & efficent to use code.

    .) Bof3 Hack.
    Ah yes, Breath of Fire. If you haven't heard about this already. Me and Clessy(another BoF Fan) are working on hacking up Breath of Fire 3 for PSP. We are in the process of studing capcom's file format so the games text can be replaced as well as posibly allow the replacement of textures & music. This will be a wonderful side project for me to clear my head when Nemo is driving me mad.

    Well that is all for now. Enjoy. I look forward to hearing feedback from everybody.

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    good to have you here

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    The BoF port sounds interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptr.exe
    The BoF port sounds interesting.
    Its actualy not a port. Capcom ported the game to psp and released it in japan. I badly wanted to play some of it in english on the psp so I started hacking it up.

    I'm actualy looking into posible ways to keep it legal like hacking up the game in some way so it wont boot unless it finds the jpn version in the drive.

    actualy there is a nice video on the net already showing a quick proof of concept about this. The video is real (I hacked up the data files to make it work).

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