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Thread: ColEm 2.5 released

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    retro ColEm 2.5 released

    New version of the Colecovision emulator for PC.


    Starting with this version, I am releasing Unix and Maemo ports of ColEm. The ColEm-Unix port has been tested on Ubuntu Linux. Both Ubuntu binaries and the source code are available from this page. If you have problems compiling ColEm on other flavors of Unix or Linux, let me know.

    The ColEm-Maemo port will run on Nokia's N800/N810 internet tablets using Maemo OS2008 (aka Chinook). It has been specifically optimized for these tablets, making use of the touch screen and a few pieces of ARM assembler code. The ColEm-Maemo source code is also available for those who would like to learn from it.

    ColEm supports both standard and SuperAction controllers, including the spinners (controlled with mouse movement). I have also started adding Coleco Adam emulation but it is not finished yet.

    New in This Version

    - Yet again ported ColEm to Unix using the new EMULib framework. The new ColEm-Unix has been tested to compile and run on Ubuntu Linux but should work on any other Unix. ColEm-Unix source code is included with the core source code distribution.
    - Ported ColEm to Maemo OS2008 used in N800 and N810 internet tablets from Nokia. ColEm-Maemo has been specifically optimized for the tablets using ARM assembler. It will simulate joypad with the touch screen and automatically open *.cv/*.cv.gz files from the file manager. ColEm-Maemo source code is included with the core source code distribution.
    - Renamed -zoom/-nozoom to -soft/-nosoft.
    - Added -scale option to scale window on Unix.
    - Added -home to set home directory with system ROMs.
    - Options -tv/-notv, -soft/-nosoft, and the [F8] key now work for both MSDOS and Unix.
    - ColEm-Symbian display routines rewritten in ARM assembler for speed.
    - Split ColEm-Symbian configuration menu into four tabs, making "Video" and "Audio" settings separate.
    - Added "Audio Latency", "Skip Frames", and "Sync Updates" settings to ColEm-Symbian.
    - Documentation and built-in help changed, many inconsistencies removed.

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    For some reason i get an annoying square flashing box at the bottom right of the emulator! . i have installed it twice and tried different games and so on but its still there...

    Im running vista sp1 (32 bit) on an amd x2 cpu


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