New version of the Dragon and Tandy CoCo emulator for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, GP32, Nintendo DS and Windows.

Info and changelog:

- Emulates Dragon 32, Dragon 64, Tano Dragon, Tandy CoCo 1/2.
- Emulates DragonDOS, Delta and RSDOS disk systems.
- Raw and translated keyboard modes.
- Reads and writes virtual cassettes (".cas" files).
- Reads audio files as cassette input.
- Reads and writes DMK format virtual floppy diskettes.
- Reads (and supports in-memory writing of) JVC and VDK format virtual floppy diskettes.
- Custom snapshot format; no ".pak" support yet.

Changed from v0.20 to v0.21
* Fix border colour in RG6, CSS=0.
* Input abstraction layer.
* NDS: Render video as 4 x 3 grid of 4-bit colour sprites.
* NDS: Use NDS VCOUNT writability to lock display to 50Hz when appropriate.
* NDS: Major UI improvements.
* NDS: Sound support.
* GP32: Fix chatboard support with new state-machine based scanner.
* Trace mode fixes (SYNC, CWAI).
* Support changing of SAM RAM configuration.
* More accurate single-bit sound.
* Variable MPU rate support configurable.

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