Black Brook. Quaint country town? Probably. It's also Intel's code name for its all-in-one PC reference design: a slender tablet-ish device with a kickstand and a handle. It's also got a full HD 20-inch display, quad mics, multitouch support and Intel's RealSense 3D camerasfor gesture-based meddling. Sound familiar? Well the reference slab was mentioned in passing back in March, but it was out in the flesh at Intel's recent Future Showcase that's currently touring Asia. It's certainly big, but the hardware's been kept at a thickness of around 20mm. Intel explained that despite the size constraints, the built-in battery will power through five hours of use, presumably including a little bit of multitouch board-gaming. The use cases are pretty similar to that gigantic 27-inch "portable" AIO we saw from Lenovo at CES in January. In this reference design however, it's all in a much slender package. Intel poses the very important question: "What is a portable AIO?" in its own intro video to the design -- we've added that after the break.