via PSO-World

The game update released earlier in the week fixed several problems as detailed in this news post. However, a few additional fixes, bugs, and oddities have been discovered since then:

* Sometimes, talking to the Shrine Maiden on Neudaiz would cause the game to stall. The only fix was to turn off the console or terminate the network connection. This appears to have been fixed.
* [B] Ryusaikanoh now drops from Delp Slami with relative ease in the Maximum Attack G event. Prior to the event, it was speculated the enemy drop was glitched or the drop rate was ridiculously high.
* The Ryusaikanoc is glitched. When synthed, this laser cannon will have the name of the Ryusaikanoh and no description. However, it will have the proper stats
* If you decide to buy DB's Sword from player shops, you will need to search for "DB's" or "DB's Saber." Due to the way the player shop search system is setup, looking for "DB's Sword" will cause the game to look for a sword-type weapon that has the name "DB's" in it. DB's Sword is a saber-type weapon.