In commemoration of Mega Mans 27th Anniversary and beyond!
Zynk Oxhyde previously released ROLL-CHAN! Roll-chan is a player sprite hack which replaces Mega Man with his sister Roll. Today Zynk releases three new player sprite hacks:

Continue the super robot girls adventure in saving the world against the evil Dr. Wily, the mad scientist who made his own army of Robot Masters for his world domination.
Along her journey, Roll has been given new powers by her father-figure/creator, Dr. Light. However, the battle against Dr. Wily has been heightened, with that in mind, Dr. Light has created support units to aid Roll. Items were changed to make them more familiarized to her, and most importantly a pet robot sidekick has been added! Like Mega Man, Rush, the faithful pet robot pooch is also replaced with the Light familys pet robot cat, Tango the playful spin-balling cat in the Gameboy days, now making its action-filled debut in the battlegrounds!
Fight, Roll! For everlasting peace!