As promissed earlier today, the kind people of naoneo (known for PSIX) have written a quick tutorial on how to change Text (including your version number) without modifying your flash (which is good because its safer than previouse methods)

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Non-destructive menu changing 3:59pm, September 17th, 2005 ~ entry 14 (13 is bad)

Okay as promised here is the full tutorial on changing both your menu, and your version number, without touching your lflash.
Some thing to note, are things you will need.

- Hex editor (for windows users, i would recommend Hex workshop).
- Psar dumper (and a data.psar from a 1.50 update).
- a v1.50 firmware psp (it would work for 1.00 but this technique uses humma's loader which is designed for 1.50s).
- UMD Emulator 0.8, by Humma kavula.
- Some common sense.

Due to the nature of this modification it is important that you do not share your modified files over the internet, as you could get in trouble.
Okay, let's begin.

1) File aquisition.
Retreive the following files, depending on your dump method.
FW Dumper :

Psar dumper :

2) File editing and hex locations.
Text you may replace

hex offset location
UMD™ (umd icon in menu)

14688 [0x00003960]
Memory Stick™

14700 [0x0000396C]
Free Space (ms0 information)

14916 [0x00003A44]
Settings (main menu icon label)

16280 [0x00003F98]
Photo (main menu icon label)

16300 [0x00003FAC]
Music (main menu icon label)

16312 [0x00003FB8]
Video (main menu icon label)

16324 [0x00003FC4]
Game (main menu icon label)

16336 [0x00003FD0]
Video Settings (settings menu)

16348 [0x00003FDC]
Photo Settings (settings menu)

16380 [0x00003FFC]
System Settings (settings menu)

16412 [0x0000401C]
Security Settings (settings menu)

16444 [0x0000403C]
Power Save Settings (settings menu)

16480 [0x00004060]
Sound Settings (settings menu)

16520 [0x00004088]
Network Settings (settings menu)

16552 [0x000040A8]
Date & Time Settings (settings menu)

16588 [0x000040CC]
USB Connection (settings menu)

16632 [0x000040F8]
Network update (settings menu)

16904 [0x00004208]
Save Data Utility (game menu)

16664 [0x00004118]
Game sharing (game menu)

16936 [0x00004228]

Text you may replace

hex offset location
Version %1 (version string)

130716 [0x0001FE9C]
An advanced note on the version string, you may replace the text "An internal error has occurred" as well as "Version %1" keeping it a part of the same string, and it will display in the version information page.
If you wish to do that, do it as follows.

V.e.r.s.i.o.n. .%.1.....A.n. .i.n.t.e.r.n.a.l. .e.r.r.o.r. .h.a.s. .o.c.c.u.r.r.e.d
560065007200730069006F006E002000250031000000000041 006E00
200069006E007400650072006E0061006C0020006500720072 006F00
7200200068006100730020006F006300630075007200720065 0064
V.e.r.s.i.o.n. .6...6.6. .i.n.t.e.r.n.a.l. .D.e.v.e.l.o.p.m.e.n.t. .u.n.i.t. . . .
- -
560065007200730069006F006E00200036002E003600360020 006900
6E007400650072006E0061006C00200044006500760065006C 006F00
70006D0065006E007400200075006E00690074002000200020 0020

For editing the RCO files, it is VASTLY important that you only replace the text with your own, and not actually Add more, or remove any, if you want to replace "memory stick" with "hello", change the last letters to spaces and they wont show, but it will work.
Additionally, some of the text contains ™'s, you can place them in yourself by adding "! directly after the letter, rather than skipping each . in the hex. to demonstrate.

.M.e.m.o.r.y. .S.t.i.c.k."!.
004D0065006D006F0072007900200053007400690063006B00 222100
.M.e.o.w!". . . . . . . .. .
004D0065006F00772122002000200020002000200020002000 002000

It's very important to change the ™ you moved, from 2221 to 00--.
This taken into account, once you have edited your files..

3) Installation
install Humma Kavula's UMD Emulator 0.8, and copy the two edited files to the following locations on your memory stick.


4) Finnished!
Once done, boot up UMD Emulator, and enable Flash0 emulation, and start an iso, and poof!, it will return to the PSP dash, with your custom menu labels showing!

Hope you guys enjoyed this.