The integration between Windows 10 and Xbox brings many benefits, and those who stream or watch video will not be left out.
The Verge reports that the OS will include a number of features that will tap into the booming video sector.
Windows 10 allows users to access their Xbox Live accounts. Part of this includes access to video clips recorded on Xbox One and saved to the cloud. Although basic editing is available as part of Xbox Live already, users will be able to download their clips to a computer and use editing software of their choice before re-uploading it to whichever service they choose.
Windows 10 games can be recorded with a simple press of Windows+G, bringing an integrated feature to the OS that is currently only available via third party software such as Nvidia ShadowPlay, FRAPS or Bandicam. Because itís in-built at an OS level developers donít need to program it in to their games, either.
The Windows 10 Xbox app will also recommend popular casters playing games youíre interested in, and even prompt you to Friend them on Xbox Live.