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Thread: New NES dumps by CaH4e3

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    Default New NES dumps by CaH4e3


    CaH4e3 updated his site with the following new NES dumps:
    - Blood Of Jurassic (GD-98)(Unl)[U][!]. As I promised, here is one more dump from a bunch of the carts provided by Oreanor. Judging from the copyright screen, this game was released by company "Paradise Science & Technology Co." in 1997 year, but I haven't seen this game or cart before. The company itself is known for its copyrights on some other pirate originals, mostly known for "97' Hui Gui Gang Jing La Li Sai (Super Hang-On) (GD-97)", where there are the same copyrights are present. Some other games like "F-22", "Alps Skiing", "Underground Mission" or "Monkey King" (can be found now on some OneBus systems like "100-in-1 Arcade Action II (AT-103)" or "12-in-1 Console TV Game Cartridge" I dumped before) has this copyright screen inside its ROMs but disabled and it can't be seen during the game.
    This is a Light Gun only game and you can shoot various dinosaurs with your shotgun on 6 different levels. Althougth the game itself seems pretty original, the sound engine clearly stolen from the SunSoft games, maybe some music tracks too, hard to say without digging into it currently.
    Most annoying thing about this game, even if this working under regular MMC3 (mapper 4), it has some copy protection scheme on board which is used for decrypting some game code and integrity checks.
    So, the protection is emulated now, added to FCEUmm and FCEUX repositories, and a fresh build of FCEUmm is uploaded to the site (maybe I'll abandon it soon in favor of using FCEUX only)...
    UPD: I noticed, that "97' Hui Gui Gang Jing La Li Sai (Super Hang-On) (GD-97)" dump in current romset is a fixed deprotected one (actually, I have recieved this dump a long time ago and have seen its protection, but couldn't do anything with it without a real cart to tests), there is an original protected version "97' Hui Gui Gang Jing La Li Sai (Super Hang-On) (Ch)" and it has the same type of protection as GD-98 cart, but my current implementation seems lack something inportant in particular or there are another prot data read from cart, so probably I need this cart too to improve protection emulation of this type of carts...
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