via Joystiq

When fans debate which of their plentiful wells Nintendo will be returning to for their next big title, Kid Icarus is always a popular suspicion. Now, IGN's Matt Casamassina has basically confirmed that it's on the way to Wii. On episode 7 of the IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast Casamassina says, "Of course [Nintendo is] going to have some E3 surprises. You know, Kid Icarus, for crying out loud, how many times do we have to say Kid Icarus? Kid Icarus is coming for crying out loud." When a co-host asks if he wants to reveal the developer he responds "I think we've confirmed it a billion times but no, I'm not going to say it officially."

Adding more fuel to the fire on this week's show Casamassina said "Kid Icarus, that's another one that I'm really anticipating just because I love the franchise and I'm sure that the developer will make a really pretty game." It looks like we'll have to wait for July to hear anything official from Nintendo but, if Casamassina is to be believed (we've asked him for further clarification), a Wii version of Kid Icarus seems to be all but a done deal.