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Thread: Snes9x 1.51+ Improvement 2 beta 9 released

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    retro Snes9x 1.51+ Improvement 2 beta 9 released

    SNES emulator for PC, based on Snes9x.


    - Changed default to disable old sound hack (FixFrequency).
    - Win32: Sync Sound routine for AVI output (experimental).
    - Win32: Improved joypad/background input around.
    - Win32: Fixed full-screen switching bug (hopefully).
    - Win32: Improved "Text In Image" option.
    - Win32: Fixed macro vanishing bug.
    - Win32: Added an experimental option "NotifySoundDSPRead"
    - Win32: Added temporary solution for random sound desync.
    - Win32: Fixed 1-frame lag in memory watch.

    Download and give feedback via comments

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    i laik Snes9x it a good emu

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