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Thread: Retro Mega Drive console sales surge 400% at Argos

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    Default Retro Mega Drive console sales surge 400% at Argos

    A quarter of a century after its release in the UK, the Mega Drive could be a star performer this Christmas.
    The Daily Mail reports that sales of AtGames’ Sega Mega Drive console have jumped 400 per cent at Argos “in recent weeks”. This version of the machine includes two wireless controllers in the style of the original’s later six-button pad.
    It also includes 80 in-built games, half of which are Mega Drive originals. In addition, a cartridge port allows those who own original titles to play those as well. The device currently sells for £39.99.
    “There's a real appetite for nostalgia at the moment, whether it is firing up old consoles, or dusting down old vinyl records,” Argos buyer Laura Hamblyn said.
    “The Sega Mega Drive is fondly remembered by the 90s generation who would spend hours helping Sonic The Hedgehog to defeat his arch nemesis Doctor Robotnik. It is fantastic to see parents buying this console to relive their childhood and introduce their own kids to some old school gaming.”
    The retro movement never went away but has muscled its way back into the mainstream eye a little more of late. Both GAME and GameStop have re-introduced legacy titles into their offer, while an increasing number of systems based on old machines have hit (largely online) stores. Genuine older machines such as the Dreamcast have also enjoyed a bump in sales.
    Not that the sector is without its problems, however, with the legalities of emulation proving a sticking point on more than one occasion.

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    Why?! Still no comparison to owning a proper megadrive!

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    The "AT Games" mini-MegaDrive systems have their ups and downs, which currently I have three MegaDrive 2 units sitting ready to be modified and an ATG 80 game MegaDrive unit.

    You get 80 games.
    The 80 games, 40 of which are just shovelware titles that take away from having more titles that are actually games and not something you'd find on a 90's floppy disk.

    It plays retail cartridges.
    It doesn't play every single retail cartridge.

    It plays Japanese MegaDrive, U.S. Genesis and European MegaDrive cartridges without modification.
    Playing a Genesis version of Sonic 2, on an ATG unit plays slower than the European Sonic 2 on an unmodified MegaDrive console.

    The controllers are wireless and you can use wired controllers also.
    The wireless controllers can be temperamental, to the point you'll want a wired pad.

    The audio/video goes to the composite, which the video quality and refresh rate is excellent.
    The audio is terrible.

    Certain versions of the EverDrive work.
    The EverDrive SD capacity far outweighs what the ATGMD can handle, so you're fine with five games on a 2GB SD card, where a real MD console can handle an M-ED cartridge with an 8GB SD, with every game stored.

    A real MegaDrive/Genesis unit is the way to go, for any gamer. But if you just want something to give to a snotty nosed, bratty "X-Box generation" kid who knows absolutely nothing of the 16-BIT age of gaming. Just buy them the Ultimate Collection for whatever current generation console they own, because the ATG console is a disregard to the MegaDrive's name in quality, as the ATG console runs it's SoC (System on Chip) emulation so badly, it's like SEGA have never seen the crap that's spewed from something that is officially licensed with a cartridge slot and a handful of their prestigious titles.

    Since the story of the ASS-cluster console surging in sales, Argos actually saw an opportunity to increase the price they charged. Going from the over priced £39.99 to the extravagant £49.99, they are still selling at a rate that they won't be going away anytime soon (97 in 48 hours), with IDIOTS actually rating it 4.3 stars out of 5 stars, where it deserves maybe only three stars at the most.

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