GDEMU the SD card based replacement for the optical drive in Dreamcast console has had a new news update for the project:

Once again I found out that someone has bought out all the plastic pegs that I use for GDEMU. Like, a few thousans of them that were just sitting there, undisturbed for months, so I figured no need to rush with purchases, right? Well, apparently not so. Obviosuly I orderd more but my supplier replied they donít expect them any sooner than week 14 of 2017. And that is the problem, I have some left but the bag is almost empty.
Thereís still a chance I will get the pegs earlier Ė Iím not going to bet on this though so Iíll make more Phoebes now along with GDEMUs. I really dislike doing two things at once because itís slower but I donít have much choice now. Iíll try to build a small buffer first and sometime in the middle of February Iíll open orders again. GDEMU run will be pretty short due to that peg shortage issue. There is a potential workaround for this, namely cutting longer pegs that are available to required length but I donít have tools to do it quickly and nicely. So itís a backup solution but not one Iím looking foward to.

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