The Sega Dreamcast, the inspiration for this site and even though we cover so much more now its still one of the best Homebrew systems ever created, heres the latest 10 items of news linked from PDroms:

Hermes review for the Sega Dreamcast (DC misc) (Dreamcast)

Intrepid Izzy (Commerical) (WIP) (Kickstarter) (DC Game) (Dreamcast)

Hermes (Commercial) (Dreamcast) (Dreamcast)

Xenocider (WIP) (18-06-2017) (DC Game) (Dreamcast)

Intrepid Izzy (WIP) (DC Game) (Dreamcast)

Breakers (Commercial) (DC Game) (Dreamcast)

Escape 2042 The Truth Defenders (GB Game) (Dreamcast)