The Sega Genesis or to us in the UK the Sega Megadrive is the rival to the Super Nintendo and was one of the 2 kings of the 16bit gaming era, so many truly awesome games and for whatever reason Super Skidmarks was one of my favourites, the Genesis also is great for homebrew and emulation, heres the news thanks to pdroms, many i may have missed:

Star J1 (WIP) (Genesis Game) (Genesis)

Xump 2 (WIP) (Genesis Game) (Genesis)

Sydney Hunter and the Cavern Of Death (WIP) (Genesis misc)

Video: Mega Drive Longplay Fix-It Felix, Jr. [Homebrew] (Genesis)

Video: Mega Drive Longplay UWOL: Quest for Money [Homebrew] (Genesis)

Video: New Games for Sega Genesis (Genesis)

Overdrive 2 (Genesis Demo) (Genesis)

Escape 2042 The Truth Defenders (GB Game) (Dreamcast)

Tanglewood (WIP) (Genesis Game) (Genesis)