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Thread: New NES dumps by CaH4e3

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    Default New NES dumps by CaH4e3

    Heres some new NES rom dumps, heres the latest news:

    CaH4e3 updated his site with the following new NES dumps:
    - 168-in-1 [p1][!], 4-in-1 (SO1)[p1][!].
    Haven't planned any releases by now but got some special Christmas-themed dump with help of HardWareMan (thanks a lot!), so here we are. Nothing really special, just Santa on the menu with simple already known games. However I modified mapper 213 implementation in order to run this particular dump. So, all code is in FCEUX repository already, use the build-bot to get the recent version.
    The second dump is also from HardWareMan. Has a set of UNROM games hacked to mapper 178 used in some education computer cartridges. Nothing interesting apart form menu, though...

    - 2-in-1 - Aladdin 2 + Lion King, The [p1][U][!], 2-in-1 - Boogerman + Flintstones, The [p1][U][!], 2-in-1 - Mortal Kombat + Super Aladdin [p1][U][!], 2-in-1 - Sonic 5 + Batman 3 (YH226)[p1][U][!], 3-in-1 - Harry Legend + Pokemon + Aladdin II [p1][U][!], 4-in-1 - Chessmaster [p1][U][!], 4-in-1 - Digital Monster [p1][U][!], 4-in-1 - Harry Legend (YH3139)[p1][U][!], 6-in-1 - Lost World, The (HP10xx-HP20xx board)[p1][U][!].

    Since there are nothing to dump currently (and maybe won't be like the last year), I think I can dig into my old dumping archives of unemulated dumps made by all period but left unemulated by some reasons. I released some of them already, just interesting ones in the first place. So the rest are mostly a multigame dumps. The emulation wasn't a problem for all them, but I need some more research on currently emulated mappers, if there any duplicates may be present.
    So, here are dump on the same unemulated before hardware similar to FK23C (mapper 176), but with more strictly defined much simpler commands. UNIF board added to the FCUEX repository as well already.
    Sometimes, the same menu types can use different types of mapper. See, 7-in-1 with Lost World and Cricket here uses HP10xx/HP20xx board as against other similar multigame carts released by me previously. These boards has no unsoldered dip-switch pins for menu selection, however they has the same ability which you may see on two last pictures here.

    - 6-in-1 - Spider Man 2 (HP10xx-HP20xx board)[p1][U][!], 7-in-1 - Spider Man 2 (HP10xx-HP20xx board)(KY7005)[p1][U][b1], 6-in-1 - Spider Man 2 (FK23C board)[p1][!].

    Here more examples to the similar menus. First two dumps are from HP10xx/HP20xx boards (first two pictures), there are no different menus in it. The third one (by HardWareMan too) has the same menu, but on FK23C board (two last pictures)
    7-in-1 dump here was the same where I ripped my old Spiderman 2 and Poke Tetris bad roms back in the 2007. Note, if you look at the post above on the same 2007 year page, you'll see another FK23C version of such menu similar to the HardWareMan's dump with a different set of games.

    - 7-in-1 - Pokemon Yellow (HP10xx-HP20xx board)(KY7010)[p1][U][!], 9-in-1 - Pokemon Yellow (FK23C board)[p1][!].rar.

    And finally, one more set of similar menus on the different hardwares. The first one is HP10xx/HP20xx board from the same long time not emulated bunch of dumps which I didn't released by now at all (haven't seen them in the wild also). The second one - same menu on FK23C board dumped also by HardWareMan. Both have different sets of menus. However, the default setting for the first one should be 7-in-1 which isn't supported currently so it starts from the 4-in-1. The second one has the same default mode for menu as on the hardware cart, so it starts from 9-in-1 as intended. Note, the menu position for 4-in-1 version of the HP10xx/HP20xx boars is incorrect, which is fixed in the FK23C version.
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