Heres todays update from Evil Dragon concerning the Pyra Handheld:

  • Oh well, at least now we're ALMOST back to normal (except for Chinese New Year coming up).

    Speaking of FormAction, let's start with the case!

    According to them, all changes in the molds have been done and they already produced new samples, including the sealing for the speakers.
    Well, that's what they claimed last week.
    I'll check back with my contact if he could already check them within the next few days.
    I will not trust them until I receive them... but basically, they should have time until February, and you can be sure I'll push them!

    Let's continue with the CPU Boards...

    If you followed the other thread on the boards, you probably know that the new CPU boards have been ordered.
    However... and that's the bad news: Chinese New Year is approaching, and as the bare boards are being produced in China, they won't show up until after that.

    Well, not much we can do here.
    Good thing is that the simulation shows the PCBs should now work fine with the 4GB RAM, so we only need to wait for them to appear now

    ... on to the mainboards...

    The mainboard with the fixes has been tested and so far everything seems to work as it should!
    Also, Wifi is now A LOT better. In our testing environment, we had six different Wifi networks with different distances and various strengthes.
    Whereas the old mainboard could only find two of them, the new mainboard instantly did find all six at once, and the signal quality was a lot better as well.

    We still have to do more tests regarding download speed and reliability, but it's really looking like it's fixed now as well.

    That's that.

    The only thing left now is getting rid of the sirring noise.
    That's mostly trial and error... try as many different capacitors as possible until we find a combination that works.
    Sometimes it's even enough simply using a capacitor from a different manufacturer... some might remember the whirring noise some of the 1st Edition Pandoras made. That probably was the same

    This trying-out doesn't need a layout change and therefore can happen while the new bare PCBs are being produced.

    So yes.
    All known bugs and issues have been dealt with. We're not aware of any issue left right now!

    The mainboards should now ALL be 100% correct. It's time to wait for them to arrive... so we can build one more round of prototypes (which will finally go to the prototype orders!)... and then we can setup the mass production.

    ... tweaking the cooling...

    In the meantime, we're working to improve the cooling even more. The current situation lowers the CPU temperature by 20C (according to the simulation), but we're trying to improve that even more while we're waiting for the new boards.
    Thanks to the simulation software Juliano uses, we can easily try out different scenarios (connecting the Al plate to the OMAP as well, using one or two heatsinks, etc.) and find the best one possible.
    It's both interesting and fun! Those simulations are simply awesome. They take in account the different conductivities of the materials as well as the thickness and the OMAP temperature!

    ... a peek into the future...

    Well, next step is definitely the planned prototype production, hopefully now with fully working 4GB RAM Pyras with all the bugs squashed.
    The next step beyond is the mass production. Global Components is ready (and have bought a lot more new machines that help improving the production quality and testing), and the parts are ready as well.

    Similar to the first months of Pandoras life, the software needs a lot of tweaking as well... but the more people receive a Pyra, the faster any bugs or annyoances are found and improved.

    And then?
    Well... there's a possible SoC being released which could become the first CPU Board Upgrade:
    The i.MX8 M QuadLite, which is the mobile version of the i.MX8.

    More here