The other of Britains new rollercoasters Icon has now been testing at BlackPool Pleasure Beach, its looks awesome, heres the video from Theme Park WorldWide:

On Monday 12th March 2018 Blackpool Pleasure Beach began testing the LSM launch on ICON. This meant over 25 dispatches of the train towards the top hat element of the ride. Each time the train would return back down the top hat and stop gradually on the LSM launch. This is a standard procedure when testing launch coasters and is a method used on this time of roller coaster around the world. You'll also notice how the front of the train is also missing in this video, yet again this is standard procedure when testing this type of roller coaster. At around 2:30pm on Tuesday March 13th ICON completed it's first full test run of the circuit. In this video we share footage of ICON making it's way around the circuit including footage of the Inclined loop, Zero-G Roll, Immelmann loop and various other sections of the ride. During the first day of testing ICON completed 2 full circuits with the train stopping on the second LSM launch for around 15 minutes each time. We look forward to sharing more testing footage from ICON here on Theme Park Worldwide very soon.