Rinnegatamantehas in a week took Quake IIIís source code and made the Vita port go from totally unusable (not rendering anything) to seemingly playable!

Right now, Rinnegatamante has achieved off the following:
Properly rendered menus
Game maps that look pretty well rendered with only smaller bugs present
Good framerate at native resolution, he said that itís running at around 30FPS. He also tested VitaQuake III at 480◊272 (PSPís native resolution) and said it runs at above 30FPS all of the time
Bot matches

Quake III seems to be working pretty well as of right now but work still needs to be done!
Dynarec support. Dynamic recompilation greatly increases game performance which will ultimately give the user a much better experience.
Currently, VitaQuake III looks to be in advanced stages and Rinnegamante seems to now be focusing on optimising the game and fixing the remaining issues.

news via http://wololo.net/2018/03/18/quake-i...amers-rejoice/