Newly released for the Pandora Console

VCMIWe want to rewrite the entire H3 engine (VCMI is NOT another mod) giving it new possibilities. Years of intensive work resulted in creating application with impressive amount of features. Among current features are:Complete gameplay mechanicsAlmost all objects, abilities, spells and other contentBasic battle AI and adventure AIMany GUI improvements: high resolutions, stack queue, creature windowAdvanced and easy mod support - add new towns, creatures, heroes, artifacts and spells without limits or conflictsLauncher for easy configuration - download mods from our server and install them immediatelly!Random map generator that supports objects added by modsLinux, macOS and Android portsVCMI is an open-source project licensed under GNU GPL 2.0 or later.You will need Data from a copy of the game to play with this PND.

Download Here