According to items listed at RCDB, Energylandia in Poland will be adding a new RMC Hybrid (IBox Track) coaster in 2020. The stats are impressive, standing 196.8 feet tall, 4,265 feet long with 3 inversions and an estimated top speed of 71.5 mph.
For a fairly new park to the game, Energylandia already has a large coaster collection, currently featuring 11 roller coasters that all opened between 2014 and now. Most are family or kiddie coasters, but they also offer a few interesting bigger coasters from Vekoma (Mayan, Formula, Boomerang) along with the soon to open Hyperion, a new Intamin Mega Coaster with a 262 foot drop!
According to RCDB, the park will also open a new Vekoma built LSM launch coaster in 20202 as well, in addition to the previously mentioned custom built RMC Hybrid. These new additions will certainly put Energylandia on the map for traveling coaster enthusiasts.