has done a bit of digging to try and figure out just what could be in the works for Busch Gardens Tampa in 2019. As they reported, the last major new attraction to open was Cobra's Curse way back in 2016, so they are due for something spectacular. Worth noting is the fact that SeaWorld Parks just filed trademark paperwork for three new attraction name ideas, all with a Tiger theme: Twisted Tiger, Uproar and Tigris.
While I know many fans out there are still waiting for Busch Gardens Tampa to finally build a Hypercoaster / Giga Coaster style ride after all these years... after all the Williamsburg park built Apollo's Chariot and SeaWorld Texas built Steel Eel way back in 1999 but for some reason it took until 2016 to build Mako at SeaWorld Orlando... meanwhile Tampa's guests have been waiting patiently for almost 20 years now. Unfortunately, if the rumors are true... the next coaster that could come to Tampa may just be another Premier Rides' clone of Tempesto... which is what SeaWorld San Diego is adding this year as Electric Eel.
The likely locations would be on the former Tidal Wave or Gwazi sites... both where long closed former thrill ride husks are still standing... offering a constant reminder to guests of their demise without being replaced. Plus the odd fact that the chain has cut the budget to the point where they no longer seem to want to even spend the funds needed to remove them... or at least not until they are good and ready with a replacement. (Quick check... the Jungala area rides are still closed right? Yep... still closed...)