Heres an update for owners of the Snes Flash Cart:

RedGuyyyy continues to fix up his Super FX support for sd2snes by releasing yet another new build with some great bug fixes and new features, check it out below:
Latest Changes:

  • v10: Fixed bug in starfox related to use of dithered color for plot instruction.
  • v10: Fixed power slide demo by forcing init of memory to $00.
  • v10: Fixed very small cycle hole with go and irq bits. May fix a rare crash.

Older Changes:

  • v09: Updated timing parameters.
  • v09: Added support for ingame hooks. Disabled for Doom.
  • v08: Fixed timing to improve match with real carts. Thanks to all the people that contributed.
  • v08: Fixed 8b multiplies to support 0 cycles of additional latency.
  • v08: Fixed ram word accesses to do serialized byte transfers.
  • v08: Changed ram accesses to use second ram chip.
  • v07: Fixed ram timing for more ram chips with worse timing by adding additional fpga clock.
  • v07: Fixed menu config save bug with gsu speed option.
  • v06: Changed synchronization of ron/ran to be aligned with cycle end.
  • v06: Added gsu menu speed option.
  • v05: Changed save to sd to only operate when it detects a carttype that has saveram.
  • v05: Fixed sram init bug.
  • v05: Reverted cache invalidation change. Looks like it's not the cause of problems.
  • v04: Fixed CBR write/cache flush bug.
  • v04: Fixed potential PBR write bug.
  • v03: Fixed bug with how save ram size is detected. Should fix most (all?) startup problems for games and some graphical glitches.
  • v03: Fixed icache invalidation bug.
  • v03: Added periodic saving back in. Saves are now backed up every few seconds.
  • v02: Fixed doom graphical glitch.
  • v02: Fixed in-game hooks by temporarily disabling with gsu games.
  • v02: Fixed save problem with non-gsu games.

For the latest updates, progress reports, check out the links below:


NEWS SOURCE: gsu (superfx) support (via) Krikzz