The latest update from Europa Park claims that while Fjord Rafting and Koffiekopjes are still closed, crews are working hard to get them reopen as soon as possible. They estimate that this will happen in the "next few weeks".
(5/28/18) A quick update from Europa Park this morning (Monday), as they report that all major park attractions are open now except for Pirates, Fjord Rafting and the Koffiekopjes. Pirates is closed, obviously, after it was destroyed in the fire. Fjord Rafting survived, but the layout runs under bridges and right along building damaged by the fire where debris is dropping into the dry river trough (see photos below). Until the debris is cleared away the Fjord river rapids will be unsafe to operation. Koffiekopjes (a Tea Cups style ride) is closed due to the location of it placed in the plaza where the Pirates ride was, which is currently closed off. It is thought that the Koffiekopjes did survive fairly intact however, and will be able to reopen in the future.
A video taken from the monorail as it passes by the Scandinavia and Batvia area on Sunday morning can be seen below, even as fire crews were still hosing off the site of the old ride structure. Below that, the same Twitter user also caught park guests in an awesome spontaneous moment as a fire truck and crew were moving through an open section of the park (likely going home after the long night) and getting a round of applause from some guests as they passed. Well done!
For those wondering about the damage to Piraten in Batvia... make sure to scroll down to the very end of today's update below the videos to see a single photos taken inside what's left of the attraction. You can make out the remains of an animatronic skeleton in the foreground, but see that virtually everything else inside has been totally gutted by the fire.