Dosbox the DOS emulator for WIndows has been updated:

DOSBox-X v0.82.7 is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox v0.74. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Mac OS X builds now honor showmenu=false by leaving the
stock SDL menu in place at startup.
Default minimum MCB free/base is now 0x100, to sidestep
unknown unstable DOS application behavior when DOS
applications are loaded at around segment 0x800.
This also puts DOSBox-X at parity with the base memory
behavior of DOSBox SVN.
Add dosbox.conf option to set Sound BIOS enable
bit in non-volatile RAM (PC-98) that tells older
PC-98 games the FM card is present (Yksoft)
BOOT updated to boot D88 except for 2D format which
is generally used by PC-88 disk images.
Added D88 disk image support
CMake files added (Aybe)
PIC timing updated to use "double" float type for
more precision, but as a typedef for future support
as a compile time option.
Removed geometry checks from INT 1Bh FDC functions,
to allow non-uniform disks to work.
MinGW builds now allowed to use Direct3D.
Direct3D output fixed to use the same texture
coordinate, window fitting, and positioning
logic as OpenGL.
Update zlib and libpng libraries in-tree.
Fixed VFD disk image support to correctly signal
failure to detect geometry, to avoid divide by
zero crash with FAT driver.
showmenu= now taken into consideration whether to
show the menu bar at startup
Fixed get_item() E_Exit crash if menus asked to
show from dosbox.conf
SDL drawn menus fixed to integrate with Direct3D
output on Windows.
PC-98 mode can now boot floppy disk images where the
boot sector is 128 or 256 bytes/sector despite
track 1 and higher having 1024 bytes/sector.
General codebase cleanup, compiler warning cleanup.
Enable XInput support on Windows (Aybe)
Fixed SDL drawn menus to use std::vector properly,
not to hold onto iterators while resizing the vector
and popping things off the top.
PC-98 INT 1Bh "read id" floppy disk call fixed to
cycle through sector numbers. Some bootable PC-98
games use "MEGDOS" which polls this BIOS call before
attempting to read the disk. If the sector numbers
never cycle, "MEGDOS" will not attempt to read the
Fixed bug that prevented some menu options (such as
"aspect ratio") from working if still in the BIOS or
booted into a guest OS.
PC-98 mode fixed to ignore "mainline compatible mapping".
That mapping mode refers to DOSBox SVN which never
supported PC-98 mode anyway.
Fix PC-98 INT 1Bh "test read" call, which then allows
"cherry bomb" to run.
Remove geometry checks in PC-98 INT 1Bh BIOS call, so
that FDD images with odd sector sizes can work.
ROM BIOS now automatically occupies E8000-FFFFF instead
of F0000-FFFFF when in PC-98 mode.
Most 128 byte/sector FDD images appear to jump to
E800:0002. I'm guessing that's ROM BASIC, so add a
callback at that location to catch these boot disks
and show a message instead of allowing the boot
sector to jump to nothing and crash.
PC-98 BOOT fixed to check for and support booting from
FDD images where track 0 contains 128 byte/sector
boot sectors.
PC-98 INT 1Bh support fixed to support reading/writing
sector sizes other than the one sector size reported
by the image. It is now possible to read the other
sector sizes from an FDD/VFD image.
Fixed somewhat serious bug that, when compiled against
Microsoft C++, causes the AVI writer to use the 32-bit
lseek() function instead of the 64-bit lseek64() function.
Prior to this fix, AVI captures would begin to corrupt
themselves after growing past 2GB in size.
Cleanup code, fix compiler warnings, typecast problems,
C/C++ conformance problems as reported by GCC 4.8,
GCC 7.3.0 (MinGW), Visual Studio 2017, and Clang/LLVM
on Mac OS X.
FM Towns machine type stub, for anyone interested in
forking DOSBox-X to implement FM Towns emulation.
Code cleanup, refactor, according to compiler warnings.
SDL drawn menus fixed to copy Direct3D backbuffer to
the SDL surface when popup occurs. This allows the
menus to overlap the Direct3D display correctly.
Fixed Direct3D output so that when composing the next
frame in the backbuffer, it also copies the SDL drawn
menu from the SDL surface in order to keep it on
Direct3D output updated to follow SDL clip rectangle
struct, in the same exact manner as the OpenGL output.
This also permits the Direct3D output to correctly size
itself and leave space at the top for the SDL drawn
Fixed dynamic core entry point to push/pop EBP because
debug builds need the compiler to track the stack frame.
Updated in-tree zlib and libpng libraries to the latest
provided by both projects.
Fixed VFD (FDD) disk image support to signal to FAT driver
properly an error if it could not determine a geometry.
Fixed code breakage with SDL2 that prevented compilation
with Munt (MT32) emulation enabled. SDL2 builds now allow
MT32 emulation.
Mac OS X builds now compile against the in-tree zlib and
libpng libraries for consistency.
MinGW builds now compile against the MinGW provided zlib
and the in-tree libpng library for consistency.
Enabled MinGW builds to use Direct3D and Direct3D shaders.
Added code to auto-detect the VirtualBox display driver
in Windows build, because OpenGL output doesn't work
in Windows XP under VirtualBox. The change will switch
the default output to "surface" if VirtualBox is detected,
else will retain the "opengl" default. This change applies
only to MinGW builds and not HX DOS or main VS2017 builds.
Added PC-98 INT DCh emulation for function call that
writes a char to the screen, allowing Eve Burst Error
to clear the function row
Added command line option to allow skipping the 1-second
wait in the BIOS startup screen.
SDL2 builds now support use of the SDL drawn menu with
a touchscreen device.
Fixed up SDL2 support code to compile correctly on
Mac OS X.
Fixed up SDL2 compilation to automatically use the
SDL2 library on the system, or if that is not available,
use the SDL2 library in-tree. There are no plans to make
modifications to the in-tree SDL2 code.
Added code to read and discard OpenGL error code before
creating font texture, to avoid false failure handling.
This fixes font rendering on Windows MinGW builds when
OpenGL SDL drawn menus fixed to ensure the menu contents
have been redrawn at least twice. One for each OpenGL
buffer because DOSBox-X uses the double-buffered mode.
SDL drawn menus implemented for output=opengl. The menu
bar in Linux builds is now available in OpenGL mode.
SDL drawn menus fixed to redraw only when state changes,
and to clean up menu drawing code.
US keyboards can now enter the "Ro" key in PC-98 mode.
Default binding is set up to map the Windows Menu key
as Ro in PC-98 mode.
VGA option change code fixed to trigger scaler redraw
correctly. Changing video modes or changing between
8/9-pixel VGA text no longer leaves artifacts on the
Added code to force redrawing additional frames when
output=opengl, in order to correct a bug with Linux/X11
and MesaGL where the first OpenGL buffer swap after
SDL_SetVideoMode() is misplaced when the window size
Renderer SSE line comparison fixed to use correct sizeof()
of the integer type during compare.
Renderer fixed not to use SSE and non-SSE line comparision
at the same time, if SSE was enabled at compile time.
Fixed in-tree SDL 1.x library to allow DOSBox-X to disable
auto-refresh of the window in Linux/X11 after SDL_SetVideoMode
to prevent visible flickering when resizing the window.
Conditional support for Direct3D (9) output enabled for
MinGW builds, if the MinGW headers are available (yksoft1).
Option is disabled by default.
Configuration GUI dialog box widened to accomodate buttons
that were previously cut off on the right.
Replace E_Exit() with LOG_MSG() for key codes from the mapper
that a keyboard scan code generator does not recognize. This
fixes E_Exit() crashes if typing certain keys on a Japanese
keyboard with no equivalent in IBM PC/AT mode.
Added code to double the size of the menu and menu items if
the window is 1280x800 or larger, for users with high
definition laptop displays and screens.
Enforce minimum window size of 640x400 if the menu bar is
visible and DOSBox-X is drawing them, to make sure the menus
are accessible on screen.
Removed auto-scalar-size code when output=surface that was
causing problems when resizing the window.
Do not show "screenshot" menu item if screenshot support not
available at compile time.
Remove "always on top" for anything but Windows at this time.
Disable "Show debugger" option on Linux and Mac OS X if no
console attached to STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR.
Disable "Show console" option on Linux and Mac OS X since
the console is not under our control.
Windows "Always on top" fixed to remember selection and
enforce it between SDL_SetVideoMode and fullscreen entry/exit.
Windows builds fixed NOT to change window Z-order on the
screen when updating the window on SDL_SetVideoMode.
HX DOS builds fixed to keep window maximized at all times
to fill the otherwise unused space on the screen since
HXGUI only supports one window.
Menu framework support for any other platform (including
Linux) added. The menus are drawn by DOSBox-X itself
using the 8x16 VGA font. This also gives SDL 2.x builds
a working menu. These menus are used if no other platform
specific menus are available. These menus are NOT AVAILABLE
at this time if output=opengl.
Cycle count edit dialog box fixed to immediately place
keyboard focus in the text field, and to process
ENTER and ESCAPE keyboard input as OK and CANCEL
button input. You can type a new cycles count without
having to click on the text field first.
Menu framework and mapper fixed so that menus always
reflect the mapper binding in the menu.
Windows SDL 1.x fixed async hack to properly destroy
and shut down the parent window again.
Fixed output=opengl crash on Mac OS X.
Menu framework support for Mac OS X NSMenu objects added.
This gives DOSBox-X the same useful menu on Mac OS X
instead of the useless default menu SDL 1.x offers.
Menu framework support for Windows win32 menu resources
added. The Windows menu is now generated at runtime,
the static IDR_MENU resource is no longer used.
New platform independent menu framework added. Menus
that were once Windows-only are now available on
any other platform including Linux and Mac OS X.
In-tree SDL 1.x library fixed to #define a special
variable that the code now requires to compile
SDL 1.x builds. The option to use your host SDL 2.x
library is left open.
C++11 is now mandatory to compile DOSBox-X