Heres another Genesis update:

Release client of Tanglewood still ahead!

Friday update: Release Candidate is so close I could scream! A few issues held it up this week, but itís back down to a very small handful of bugs again before we make the call.
For context: we were ready to mark a build as RC1 just yesterday, but a bizarre palette messup and crash was found on a popular clone machine, which unravelled a whole host of problems with our assembler and the manner in which it applies code optimisations. All fixed now.
As a bonus, the game is now more optimised, because the optimisations we thought were being applied for the past two years actually werenít!
Massive kudos to the Closed beta team, who are still here helping out, getting us through this! Iíd love to give you a new target date but we all know how that worked out last time! Iíll just keep everyone posted as things happen.
Matt <3