Hackers have again been prodding at the Nintendo Switch:

  • Thanks to the hard work of scene developer @bodyXY you can now easy 'inject' whatever NES backup dumps of 'retro games' you want to play using the NES Online Classic Library interface that Nintendo so nicely added with v6.0.0 and make it so simple to mod, and now with v3.5 just released recently by @bodyXY it is even simpler and easier to get all the NES retro games you enjoy playing added.
    NES ONLINE Game Autoinjector
    • You need the NvnTexpkg.package (attached below)
    • Extract NvnTexpkg.package into the same folder like NES-Online-Game-Autoinjector (v3.5, attached below)
    • You have to create two TGA images in 32bit, once witch a size of 400x300 and another in the size of 355x512 (use Photoshop or whatever you want)
    • Also, you need your "lclassics.titlesdb" file


    • Sort Title = "Sort of the game"
    • Publisher = "Publisher of the game"
    • Game Code = "unique 5 letters combination between AAAAA and ZZZZZ (like "ABCDE")
    • Copyright = "Copyright holder of the game"
    • Game Title = "Title of the Game"
    • Overscan = "only 1 number between 0 and 9 per box"
    • Simultanus ="true or false"
    • Fade In = "only 1 number between 0 and 9 per box"
    • Volume = "a number between 0 and 99"

    Output folder: (NES-Online-Game-Autoinjector).path/NES_ONLINE_MOD
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    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/bodyXY/NES-ONLINE...ector/releases
    Update 3.5

    • Add PNG / JPG Support (auto-convert PNG/JPG to TGA)
    • Bug fixes

    Update 3.0

    Update 2.8.1

    • Bug fixes

    Update 2.8.0

    • Add Details-Picture to EU/US Version
    • Add false/true radio-button
    • Add new Game Code outset
    • Textbox jump is fixed
    • Input methods revised for error minimization
    • More background checks for error minimization
    • Bug fixes

    Update 2.5.0

    • Add FAMICOM-Support (NES ONLINE JP Version)

    Update 2.0.1

    • Bug fixes

    Update 2.0

    • Add ToolTip
    • Add Game code verification
    • Bug fixes
    • and more background stuff

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    NEWS SOURCE: NES ONLINE Game Injector (via) GBATemp