• If the classic Genesis/Mega Drive offerings from Atgames weren't up your alley, there soon will be another alternative on the market for SEGA fans to get their retro fix from. Analogue, known for creating the Super NT, will be manufacturing a system that can play Genesis/Mega Drive and Master System cartridges. Called the Mega Sg, it'll house an Altera Cyclone V FPGA chip, which means every game will be "100% compatible" with the hardware, and though it isn't the chipset found in Sega's original console, it's close, and this one allows games to be played through an HDMI connection while still looking good, and promising little to no input lag. And yes, the Yamaha YM2612 soundcard is included, so that all your Genesis games will sound just like they used to. The Mega Sg will cost $189.99, and for $10 more, Analogue will also have extra cartridge adapters that lets players use Game Gear, Mark III, MyCard, SG-1000, and SG-3000 games on the system.

    For those that still have their original Sega CD adapter, you can plug it right into the Mega Sg, as it has official support for the add-on, though due to hardware problems, it will not support the 32X. Games from all regions will be supported, as the hardware is region free, and multiple visual options are available, such as adding scanlines, scaling options, and more. The Mega Sg can be pre-ordered as of today, and will launch sometime in March 2019.

    Analogue has uploaded a video showing off the quality of games played on the Mega Sg, which you can check out below.