Nova v0.5.0 is released. Nova is a Sega Saturn Emulator(SS Emulator) for Windows. Nova is capable to run several commercial games, but it's still in its early stage.

1.automatically select regions.
2.automatically select cartridge types by editing cart.json.
3.automatically save backup memory.

Nova doesn't support: states games via a CD drive

Nova Changelog:
VDP1: Refactored the entire architecture.
VDP1: Disabled force_interlace.
VDP1: Implemented better timing.
VDP1: Implemented handling of the MODR register.
VDP1: Implemented handling for invalid command table data.
VDP1: Implemented Color Calculation Mode 5.
VDP1: Implemented a new algorithm for quadrilateral rasterization.
VDP1: Implemented anti-aliasing for Distorted Sprite and Polygon.
VDP1: Rewrote user/system clipping and pre-cliping.
VDP1: Rewrote end code process.
VDP1: Rewrote High Speed Shrink.
VDP1: Rewrote handling of the LOPR/COPR registers.
VDP1: Rewrote manual frame change/erase.
VDP1: Added access restrictions to the registers TVMR/FBCR.
VDP1: Fixed a bug of EWLR/EWRR registers(Street Fighter Zero 3).
VDP2: Disabled VDP2_JIT.
VDP2: Refactored the entire architecture.
VDP2: Removed Character Pattern cache.
VDP2: Supported 1M VRAM.
VDP2: Implemented Special High-Resolution Graphics Mode(preliminary).
VDP2: Implemented HCNT/VCNT/EXLTEN handling(incomplete).
VDP2: Implemented RBG1 and EXBG.
VDP2: Implemented rotation calculation with coefficient data.
VDP2: Implemented Rotation Parameter Mode 2 of RBG0.
VDP2: Implemented Invalid Rotation Parameter Mode 2(when coefficient table is disabled) of RBG0.
VDP2: Implemented coefficient data as part of LNCL data.
VDP2: Implemented Screen Over Process Mode 1 of RBG0/RBG1.
VDP2: Implemented Gradation.
VDP2: Implemented Sprite Window.
VDP2: Implemented sprite color calculation condition 3(MSB).
VDP2: Added support of sprite type 0~7 for 8-bit data.
VDP2: Added support of sprite type 8~F for 16-bit data.
VDP2: Added Character Pattern cache again.
VDP2: Rewrote priority handling.
VDP2: Rewrote handling of the SPCLMD and SPWINEN bits of the register SPCTL(Dragon Force 2).
VDP2: Rewrote Cycle Pattern handling(incomplete).
VDP2: Rewrote TVSTAT handling.
VDP2: Rewrote Special Priority function.
VDP2: Rewrote Extended Color Calculation.
VDP2: Rewrote Sprite Screen Over Process.
VDP2: Rewrote Window Process.
VDP2: Rewrote Shadow Process.
VDP2: Rewrote LNCL insertion.
VDP2: Rewrote scrolling/zooming calculation of NBG0/NBG1/NBG2/NBG3.
VDP2: Rewrote Line Scroll/Vertical Cell Scroll process of NBG0/NBG1.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of byte access of the color RAM(wrong mask).
VDP2: Fixed a bug that the WxLWE bit of LWTA0U and LWTA1U are masked.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of special color calculation mode 3(palette data MSB).
VDP2: Fixed a bug of RGB0 color calculation ratio.
VDP2: Fixed a bug when the data is RGB format and color calculation is indicated by MSB.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of palette number.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of color RAM address offset.
VDP2: Fixed bugs of Character Number Supplement Modes.
VDP2: Fixed bugs of Normal Line Window coordinates.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of sprite transparent dot.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of Pattern Name Table Lead Address calculation.
VDP2: Fixed bugs of display/color mode limits by settings of the Reduction Enable Register.
VDP2: Fixed bugs of display limits by settings of NBG0/NBG1 color modes.
VDP2: Fixed bugs caused by changes in mid-frame.
VDP2: Fixed bugs of NBG2/NBG3 scroll values.
VDP2: Fixed bugs of LNCL/BACK screen in single interface mode.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of vertical Reduction.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of Screen Over Process Mode 3 when bitmap vertical size is 256.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of rotation parameter when the graphic mode is hi-res or exclusive hi-res.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of rotation parameter when it is double/single interlace.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of Special Color Calculation Mode 2(by dot) when color format is RGB.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of priority pattern(BIOS splash screen).
VDP2: Fixed a bug that BGON changes in mid-frame(Lunar Silver Star Story).
VDP2: Fixed a bug of sprite transparent dot.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of single interface.
VDP2: Fixed a bug of line scrolling.
VDP2: Fixed a bug when the priority number is 0.
SCU: Rolled back the fix of PPAF handling in v0.4(Thunder Force V).
SCU: Fixed a bug of DMA indirect mode table address detection(Tactics Ogre).
SCU: Fixed a bug of DMA range checking(Burning Rangers).
SCU: Fixed a bug of DMA timing(too slow to end transfer of palette data during VBLANK).
CDB: Fixed bugs of CdReport when the pickup is in the Lead In/Out area.
CDB: Supported MPEG audio decoding.
MISC: Added ON/OFF switch for the VDP2 BACK layer.
MISC: Fixed another wrong track mode bug of the MDS parser.