After an exhausting few years, it's nice to be reminded that while the games industry and the communities that have sprung up around it may harbour their fair share of assholes (pardon my French), they don't actually ,emph>belong to assholes.
All the howling, empty fury that greets every minor progressive step in the industry grants an outsized importance to a very small and relatively recent constituency of thoroughly awful people. It has always been the case that the vast, vast majority of people you meet through gaming -- be they industry people, fans or just casual consumers -- are decent, kind people whose hobbies distinctly do not include shrieking at women or minorities on the Internet.
As such, I feel genuine gratitude to Henry "Hbomberguy" Brewis; not just for doing an objectively wonderful thing with his Twitch live-streaming marathon for charity over the past weekend, but for serving up a timely and welcome reminder that the misdirected anger, trolling and harassment that make headlines with such depressing regularity aren't truly representative of gaming -- or, more broadly, gamers.