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Thread: OSSM 1 - november 1995 (UK) (RESCAN) Official Sega Saturn Magazine

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    Default OSSM 1 - november 1995 (UK) (RESCAN) Official Sega Saturn Magazine

    Back again this week with something a bit special.
    People who have been with us from the very first days, might recognise that this will be the 4th time that I release this very issue. The first time would have been around 2005 when I first started scanning magazines. Then in 2010 I did a brand new scan of this issue for my very own site, the one you are looking at right now. And then in 2016, I attempted to update that version and bring it in line with the newer issues I had worked on.

    Well, over the past 14 years, I have learned a lot of lessons. What to do and what to avoid when restoring classic magazines. So with better hardware, as well as with a better understanding and much improved editing techniques, I decided it was time to look at these older issues once more and give them another shot.

    These will be the definitive edition of these digital renditions. They will look a bit sharper, have a lot more detail, especially in darker sections, have less intrusive editing techniques used, have better colour values, and overall, look a lot closer to the physical magazines.

    As I return to these previously scanned issues and redo them from start to finish, I will make them as (RESCAN) in the news title. You will also be able to notice the difference on the catalogue page, as there will be a Max-Rez and Portable version available. The content section will have the coloured dots background instead of the old swirls as well.

    There will be a handful of issues that I will be releasing as (REMASTERED) editions. These are magazines that have been done with the new scanner and techniques already, but that I feel could use a closer look.
    All the other issues ( from 2013 and before) will be rescanned as time goes by, while I continue working on new releases.
    With all that said, I'm proud to present you once more, with the very first issue of the incredible Official Sega Saturn Magazine.

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    Wow, just looking at the cover really does bring me way back. Reminds me of the days when I used to get Sonic the Comic in the UK.

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