• Libretro’s Twitter account had already teased us by saying a new Retroarch version was coming our way and now they’ve kept their promise!
    RetroArch v1.7.6 is now available for download from their website. The new release includes an initial PS2 port (which includes four cores at the moment: FCEUmm, QuickNES, Picodrive and 2048), a new menu driver called Ozone made by @natinusala inspired by the Nintendo Switch's UI, a theme format for RGUI - aka RetroArch' simpler user interface used by default on some cores & ports, and finally Discord matchmaking. The update also announces ports for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (UWP) consoles but due to a few issues, such as slow loading times on the latter, they have not been officially released yet, although unofficial builds for the UWP version are already available to be downloaded elsewhere.

    There are also many more smaller changes and improvements of course. Here is the full changelog:
    1.7.6 Changelog
    – ANDROID: Fix Xperia Play input binding.
    – CHEEVOS: Reset when hardcore mode is toggled.
    – CHEEVOS: Update the hashing methods to identify NES, SNES and Lynx games (more accurate and accepting headerless ROMs).
    – COMMON: Add new JSON playlist format.
    – COMMON: Fix playlist corruption when deleting items.
    – COMMON: Fix archive progress display calculation.
    – COMMON: Fix playlist entries appearing with previously used names.
    – COMMON: Fix screenshot filename with no core or content.
    – COMMON: Allow compiling without menu support.
    – CORE UPDATER: Allow sideloading cores from the menu.
    – CPU FILTERS: Add Normal2x filter.
    – CRT/LINUX: New Linux switching method partially implemented.
    – CRT/LINUX: Linux restore desktop resolution fixed.
    – CRT/LINUX: Monitor index switching and auto enumerate for output detection in Linux (still working on the windows method).
    – CRT/RASPBERRY PI: Initial support.
    – DATE: Add Date / Time style options.
    – DEBUGGING: Add an integrated crash handler for debug builds (see https://docs.libretro.com/tech/debugging)
    – DISCORD: Discord matchmaking.
    – DISCORD: Register the application name properly.
    – DISK CONTROL: Remember the last used folder / current active folder to make disk-swapping faster.
    – INPUT: Add new menu toggle (hold start button for 2 seconds)
    – INPUT: Fix arrow keys being incorrectly bound as numpad keys
    – INPUT/SDL: Flush the joypad events. Decreases cpu usage over time with the SDL joypad driver.
    – LOCALIZATION: Add Greek translation.
    – LOCALIZATION: Update German translation.
    – LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
    – LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
    – LOCALIZATION: Update Simplified Chinese translation.
    – LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation.
    – MENU: New “ozone” menu driver.
    – MENU: Only show CRT SwitchRes if video display server is implemented (Windows/Linux for now)
    – MENU: User Interface -> Appearance -> ‘Menu Font Green/Blue Color’ settings now work properly.
    – MENU: Add option to enable in-menu sound effects.
    – MENU/D3D: Scissoring support (will be used for Ozone and menu widgets).
    – MENU/QT/WIMP: Allow building with MSVC2017.
    – MENU/QT/WIMP: Add detailed file browser table.
    – MENU/QT/WIMP: New grid view implementation that is faster and loads thumbnails on-demand.
    – MENU/QT/WIMP: Thumbnail drag and drop support.
    – MENU/RGUI: Overhaul custom theme interface + add wallpaper support.
    – MENU/RGUI: Thumbnail support and thumbnail downscaling.
    – MENU: Hide password values.
    – MENU/SOUNDS: Implement in-menu sound effects (not enabled by default for now, still experimental).
    – MIDI: Add a Linux ALSA driver for MIDI.
    – NETPLAY: Force fast-save-states when netplay is enabled.
    – NETPLAY: Allow quick joining subsystem lobbies.
    – OSX: Initial CoreAudio V3 audio driver (not yet used in release builds).
    – OSX: OpenGL 3.2 Core support for cores.
    – PS2: Initial PlayStation2 port.
    – PS4: Initial PlayStation4 port.
    – RECORDING: Implement recording options in the menu complete with quality profiles, streaming, and proper file naming
    – SCANNER: Fix GDI disc scanning.
    – SHADERS: Fix auto shader preset loading on D3D10, D3D11, D3D12
    – SUBSYSTEM: Allow more than 10 subsystems
    – SUBSYSTEM: Cores that use subsystem for complex scenarios can now load content without starting a regular content first
    – SUBSYSTEM: Remember the last used folder to make loading subsystem type content faster
    – SWITCH/LIBNX: Improve touch scaling calculation.
    – SWITCH: Proper button labels.
    – TVOS: Initial tvOS port.
    – VULKAN: Fix RGUI crashing at startup.
    – VULKAN/RGUI: Enable ‘Menu Linear Filter’ option.
    – VULKAN: Fix secondary screens in overlays not working.
    – WAYLAND: Implement idle-inhibit support (needed for screensaver suspend).
    – WAYLAND: Fix fullscreen toggle.
    – WIIU: Initial netplay peer-to-peer support. Network information working.
    – WINDOWS/WSA: Network Information info is blank until first network operation.
    – WINDOWS: Fix an ancient bug that caused wrong mappings for keyboard arrows.
    – WINDOWS: Remember window size and position if so desired.
    – WINDOWS: SSL/TLS connections now work properly.
    – WINDOWS: Fall back to GDI driver if no accelerated graphics driver is found.
    – UWP: Initial UWP port.
    – VFS: Update to version 3.
    – XBONE: Initial Xbox One port.
    – XMB/OZONE: Add more icons
    – XMB: Add Automatic Inverted theme
    – ???: Easter Egg

    Here are also some more changes that were not yet mentioned in the changelog, including various Switch-specific ones (thanks @m4xw ! Links to his posts: #1 and #2)
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    libnx additional changes:
    -Added Overclocking and underclocking Menu
    -Added Docked native 1080p Support
    -Added Ozone as default Menu driver
    -Added software keyboard implementation (if started via Title)
    -Changes to accommodate for libnx's 2.0 NWindow API (mostly affects legacy driver)
    -Timezone fixes

    Core updates:

    Introducing Mupen64Plus-Next:
    This is the WIP new Mupen core @m4xw has been working on.
    It is developed with a close-to-upstream approach, which eases the maintainability
    and provides a easier way to update core components.

    Some notable changes:
    - New Repository approach based on `git subrepo`
    - Updated *everything* but GlideN64
    - Full feature parity to old Mupen
    - Additionally:
    - Added LOD Core option
    - Added Noise Core option
    - Added "Fullspeed" Core option (simliar to ParaLLEl)
    - Added VI Refresh Overclock (simliar to ParaLLEl)
    - Savestates for Version 1.4
    - Added Frame-duping option if Framebuffer Emulation is disabled
    - AArch64 Dynamic recompiler (by Gillou68310)
    - x64 Dynamic recompiler (by Gillou68310)
    Current supported platforms:
    - Libnx (buildbot)
    - Android AArch64 (buildbot)
    - Windows x64 (buildbot)
    - Raspberry aarch32/armv7 (via RetroPie)
    - Linux x86/x64 (buildbot), arm7neonhf (supported but not active)

    What is next?
    - Updated GlideN64 (currently runs already, but still many Issues to tackle down)
    - Adding Threaded Angrylion (for desktop platforms)

    -Added accelerometer support for libnx based on standalone mGBA (thanks to p-sam)
    This adds support for games like Warioware Twisted, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble etc..

    This new version is currently available for all platforms except Mac OS X (PPC) and Xbox. If you are interested, you can download it from RetroArch's downloads page.

    via https://gbatemp.net/threads/retroarc...leased.530532/