This week marks a special occasion. With this final issue, we now have the full set of 37 issues of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine online and available for download.
So let's jump back in time to November of 1997 and relive the glory days of the Sega Saturn together.
As our first preview, we have the review for Bust-A-Move 3 by Taito, followed by Street Fighter Collection by Capcom. We then take a look at the showcase for Quake by Lobotomy Software Inc. as well as Silhouette Mirage by none other than Treasure. And Finally Steep Slope Sliders by Cave, before we finish off with a big interview with Lobotomy Software.
You might also notice that the downloads for this issue as well as most of magazines on this page are downloading a lightning fast speed now.
That's because I've decided to buy a different hosting package for these magazines to make it a lot easier to download them as the previous one has become super slow over the years.
I'm in the middle of recompiling all the older issues and uploading these to the new host as well, but this will take quite a bit of time, so please bear with me.