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Thread: Minecraft fans?

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    Default Minecraft fans?

    Are there any Minecraft fans among us? I just love this game, it's the most awesome sandbox ever. Unfortunately I don't have much time for playing it on my PC but the smartphone version is rather good too. Don't be shy and share your Minecraft experience!

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    Minecraft is quite popular video game and glad to have the post about as well. I love to play that game because of amazing charters are added there. Thumb up with your excellent suggestion and would like to join your community as well. I need dissertation help uk as well can you please recommend someone expert.

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    yeah i love minecraft, the simplicity compared to other games is vey unique

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    There have always been plenty of Minecraft fans. Real items based on Minecraft are not uncommon. If you want, you can buy yourself everything from plush sheep to key chains in the shape of a pickaxe. But it's much more interesting when these items are created with your own hands. And a lot of these items were created as Christmas gifts by fans. One player made a Minecraft Christmas tree. Or some players decided to bake Christmas cookies as a treat. As for me, instead of all saying, I'm a fan of the game, I play minecraft survival servers with my friends.

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