uCON64 v2.2.0 is released. uCON64 is a tool to backup all kinds of video games. It supports almost every available backup unit for cartridge-based consoles and performs many other tasks like ROM hacking. uCON64 is completely Open Source Software and has been ported to many platforms using code from various people.

uCON64 v2.2.0 changelog:
- added (GB) --gp2bmp convert Game Boy Printer data (produced by --xmccl) to BMP (by dbjh; based on version of gblnk (by Chris McCormick) improved by Difegue. Many thanks to Difegue for providing me with Game Boy Printer data. Thanks to Martin Eyre for documenting his findings about Game Boy Printer commands)
- added (SNES) --sminis=ID convert *.srm (SRAM) file to SNES/Super Famicom Classic Mini (hakchi2) format for game with identifier ID (by dbjh)
- added (SNES) --smini2srm convert SNES/Super Famicom Classic Mini (hakchi2) SRAM data to *.srm (SRAM) file (by dbjh)
- added support for NetBSD (by dbjh; thanks to Thomas Klausner for his help)
- updated support for OpenBSD (64-bit) (by dbjh)
- updated (all) made -o also work for --rrom, --r83 and --rjoliet, just like the other rename options (--rdat, --rl and --ru) (by dbjh)
- updated (SNES) improved reliability of GDSF communication for PCs with a parallel port that supports ECP (built-in or PCIe parallel port card). At last. It is essential to correctly specify ecr_offset for this to work (by dbjh; many thanks to Mystic_Merlin for testing)
- updated (SNES) improved --ufosd by adding specific support for 10 and 12 Mbit HiROMs and implementing a generic way to set the SRAM mapping bytes (by dbjh; thanks to Revenant for the information and Trenton_net for testing)
- added (SNES) --xufosd send ROM to Super UFO Pro 8 SD. Be sure to use a tool like Zadig to add libusb-0.1 (libusb-win32) support (by dbjh; thanks to Revenant for the information and Trenton_net and Revenant for testing)
- updated (SNES) added NTSC/PAL fix for Soul Blazer F/G and Super Metroid E (by dbjh; thanks to Mystic_Merlin)
- added (SNES) work-around for using the Game Doctor SF6 protocol for parallel ports that do not support reading from the Control register. It is good enough to at least allow dumping saver data and SRAM. To enable the new functionality assign a value other than 0 to the variable gd6_send_byte_delay. See the FAQ question 55 for details (by dbjh; many thanks to NorQue and Mystic_Merlin for testing)
- updated (SNES) made --gd3 specify a pass-through mapping for LoROM DSP games (by dbjh)
- updated (SNES) added proper recognition of Pro Fighter headers of LoROM DSP games with 2, 8 or 32 kB SRAM (by dbjh)
- updated (SNES) added interpretation of remaining part of GD3 header (DRAM and SRAM mapping) to --dbuh (by dbjh)
- updated (SNES & Genesis) fixed split file detection for formats other than (M)GD and MGH which I broke in 2.1.0 (by dbjh)
- added (all) --split=N split ROM in parts of N Bytes (including possible header). This is a generic file splitting option. Use -s, optionally in combination with --ssize=SIZE to split files for use with a specific console or backup unit (by dbjh)
- added (SNES) support for Super Magicom/SMC IC2 file format. This format is used by several ancient backup units, including the Twin Supercom, Future Supercom Pro.9 and UFO Super Drive PRO 6 HYPER VERSION in order to run HiROM games up to 16 Mbit. Use --ic2 to convert a file to Super Magicom/SMC IC2 format (by dbjh; thanks to Mystic_Merlin for info and testing)
- updated (SNES) fixed bug in --ufo that caused it to produce incorrect headers for games that do not use SRAM (by dbjh; thanks to Mystic_Merlin for feedback and testing)
- updated (SNES) fixed bug in -j for files in UFO format smaller than or equal to 8 Mbit (by dbjh)