Today, Google announced further details about its upcoming streaming service Google Stadia, which was revealed as a subscription service (either paid or free) with the paid version launching this November.
The paid version, Stadia Pro, is the only way to get 4K, 60fps, HDR streaming from the service and will cost $9.99 (8.99, $11.99 CAD, or 9.99) per month. Though subscribers will still have to purchase games at full price to play and own them, Pro members will receive discounts on games not available for users of the free service, as well as occasional free games beginning with Destiny 2 and its new Shadowkeep expansion. Games received for free will remain in the user's library as long as they are Pro members, will be removed if their subscription lapses, but will return if the subscription is renewed.
Stadia Base will launch after Stada Pro sometime in 2020 and will be the free version of the service, with the caveat that games played on Base will get up to 1080p and 60fps, but not 4K HDR. As with Pro, users will purchase games at full price, but Base users will not receive occasional free games.
In addition, a Founder's Edition of Stadia will go up for pre-order today for $129.99. It includes a limited-edition Stadia controller, a ChromeCast Ultra, a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro, and an additional three-month Pro subscription to be given to a friend.
Stadia controllers will be sold individually for $69, but are not required to play games on the service. Mouse and keyboard, as well as a number of other controller types will be supported.