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Thread: nGlide 2.10 released - Integer scaling and bugfixes

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    Default nGlide 2.10 released - Integer scaling and bugfixes

    nGlide is a 3Dfx Voodoo Glide wrapper. It allows you to play games designed for 3Dfx Glide API without the need for having 3Dfx Voodoo graphics card. All three API versions are supported, Glide 2.11 (glide.dll), Glide 2.60 (glide2x.dll) and Glide 3.10 (glide3x.dll). nGlide emulates Glide environment with Direct3D and Vulkan. Glide wrapper also supports high resolution modes.

    nGlide 2.10 changelog:

    -fixed Andretti Racing broken font during race (vk backend)
    -fixed Carnivores crash during initialization
    -fixed Codename: Eagle regression
    -fixed Driver crash during intro (dx backend)
    -fixed F1 Racing Simulation freeze (vk backend)
    -fixed FIFA 98: Road to world Cup black screen on Radeons (vk backend)
    -fixed Formula 1 depth and chroma issue
    -fixed Formula 1 '97 UI glitch
    -fixed Kingpin: Life of Crime texturing glitch (vk backend)
    -fixed MIG-29 Fulcrum simulation black screen (vk backend)
    -fixed Nascard Legends esc menu crash (vk backend)
    -fixed NCAA Football 99 freeze before simulation
    -fixed Scorched Planet texturing bug with 3dfx splash logo
    -fixed To Be Continued... crash (vk backend)
    -fixed Unreal (build 200) crash and depth problem (dx backend)
    -fixed Unreal Tournament depth problem
    -fixed Uprising: Join or Die regression

    -fixed Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction crash with OBS Studio (dx backend)
    -fixed Divine Divinity regression
    -fixed Le Mans 24 Hours loading bar (vk backend)
    -fixed Project64 with Glide64 TEXUMA mode not activated

    -added support for integer-ratio scaling and rendering
    -chroma keying technique has been rewritten from scratch (dx backend)
    -improved performance (vk backend)
    -improved windowed mode (vk backend)
    -mipmapping is now implemented and active in both video backends
    -fixed scissor test rectangle (vk backend)
    -fixed black bars not cleared properly after returning from windowed mode (dx backend)
    -fixed mouse cursor not clipped correctly with multi-monitor configurations
    -new option in nGlide configurator: 'Aspect ratio: Integer rendering'
    -new option in nGlide configurator: 'Aspect ratio: Integer scaling'
    -option 'Aspect ratio: Fit to Screen' renamed to 'Entire screen'
    -option 'Aspect ratio: Preserve original' renamed to 'Aspect correction'


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