Apollo is a File Explorer Homebrew for the Nintendo Switch. Its goal is to be the most convenient and reliable method to manage console's files.
Following the NX Homebrew Scene trend its name comes from Apollo - one of the Olympian deities, who is i.a. a god of music, truth, knowledge and protection of young.
It is also a reference to Apollo 11 - a spaceflight mission which allowed people to walk on the Moon.
Apollo is my first homebrew project, I hope you'll like it.

Apollo's current features are:

- Graphical User Interface: Minimalist design which is based on default hbmenu and official home menu esthetic.
- Selecting items: A simple but mandatory feature.
- Copying files and directories: Before doing so, application checks whether user is trying to overwrite currently existing files or directories and then asks about overwriting them.
- Recursive directory deletion: It allows for complete deletion of directories' content and obviously for file deletion.
- Renaming files and directories: Speaks for itself.
- Sorting items: Alphabetically or reversed.

Planned features
Planned features for the very next release:

- Moving files and directories
- Showing files and directories' information (size, permissions)
- Sorting files by size and reversed
- Remembering cursor's position while browsing between folders
- Viewing images
- Viewing text files
- Extracting .rar and .zip files
- Creating directories and files


Download: https://github.com/evo-brut3/Apollo/releases/latest
Github: https://github.com/evo-brut3/Apollo​