Redream v1.4.0 is released. Redream (originally called Dreavm) is a work in progress emulator for the SEGA Dreamcast.

Redream Changelog:
New app icon.
New animated background in user interface.
PowerVR DMA support (Sonic Shuffle, Simple2000 Series).
PowerVR fog support.
32-bit support for Android.
GL ES 3.x support for Android.
AArch32 and AArch64 JITs for Android.
Built in fps counter.
Automatic frame skipping.
Reset binds option in input menu.
Support for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons.
Automatic library directory scanning.
Touch screen suppport.
Virtual gamepad input device.
Save state support.

Mac builds are now distributed as app bundles.
Mac builds now write out internal files to ~/Library/Application Support/redream.
Make options save before shutting down in the off-chance that there's a crash during shutdown.
Improved per-strip accuracy.
Optimized texture conversion routines.
Lowered per-pixel requirement to GL 4.3+ / GL ES 3.2+.
Improved framebuffer presentation accuracy and raw framebuffer write detection.
Numerous rendering performance improvements as a result of Android optimizations.
Improved AMD rendering performance when using per-pixel sorting. RX 480 at 1440p x 64 layers improved from ~50 fps to ~190 fps in Sonic Adventure main menu.
Avoid persisting the pc to the context as frequently.
Avoid persisting the cycle count to the context as frequently.
Avoid unnecessary page permission changes when applying memory watches.
Inline hot MMIO paths.
Inline constants during code compilation.
Added constant materialization optimization pass.
Reduce register pressure in MACL / MACW operations.
Use floating-point instructions for floating-point data transfers to reduce redundant SH4 context accesses.
Run at a fixed 60hz in the UI.
Improved indexing of disc box art.
Raised maximum input devices to 32.
Refactored virtual memory system to work with only a 29-bit address space.
Filter out single-session CDIs in the UI which require a boot disc to use.
Improved frame pacing and performance by tightening up the audio and video sync.
Turbo button is now a toggle.

SLEEP instruction not waking correctly (Psyvariar 2, Shikigami no Shiro II).
Linux build unnecessarily linking with optional libraries (libXinerama, etc).
Linux build using the incorrect directory for internal files when using a symlink.
Mac build flashing on startup when fullscreen.
More robust self-modifying code detection (Shenmue, Shenmue II).
More robust culling of degenerate vertices (Wacky Races, Soul Calibur, Headhunter).
Artifacts along the 1-pixel edge of the viewport in some games.
Garbage data outside of the viewport in games attempting to compensate for overscan.
Numerous HLE BIOS issues (MSR, 2K sports games).
Corrected TOC for GDI and CHD disc images, fixes missing audio tracks in BIOS music player (MDK2).
Crash when the texture cache reset mid-game in libraries with more than 512 games.
Incorrect polygon winding for background plane (MDK2).
Geist Force hanging during intro.
Jet Set Radio crashing during graffiti free paint.
Pro Pinball Trilogy hanging on boot.
Monaco Grand Prix hang on startup.
NHL 2K2 hanging in the main menu.
NHL 2K2 pause menu rendering.
Slave Zero failing to boot.
Toe Jam and Earl crash on startup.
Audio clicking in Sonic Adventure menus.
Music in MDK2 and Stupid Invaders not playing.
Music in Maken X cutting out during intro and beeping.
Music in Walt Disney World Quest not pausing in menus.
Music in Test Drive Le Mans going off the rails after ~10 minutes of play.