As its name implies, MAME is a multi-system emulator that focuses on Arcade machine emulation although it emulates everything from Chess computers to Game & Watch devices. For a long time, it’s been receiving monthly updates with a decent amount of added compatibility and September is no exception as MAME 0.213 landed with the following updates:
◾A couple more Chess computers are now supported including the Mephisto, Mephisto II and Mephisto III alongside ‘Brikett’ ones

If you’re nostalgic for Game and Watch games or just want to experience them in 2019, MAME probably offers the best emulation solution with a steadily growing compatibility list!

◾Another addition to the Game & Watch compatibility list with this month adding support for ‘Mario’s Bombs Away’.◾Elektronika’s Kosmicheskiy Most, an unlicensed total conversion of Fire which is a Game & Watch game, is also supported now

◾On the arcade front, The Destroyer From Jail and alternate regional version of Block Out and Super Shanghai Dragon’s Eye are now supported
◾Protection controllers of more arcade machines like ‘Last Mission’ are now emulated rendering the game they used to protect fully playable
◾MS-DOS compatibles also saw some compatibility improvements with the Mindset Personal Computer and Dulmont Magnum now working just fine.
◾The Apple II software list got an update with most clean cracks and flux dumps being included. SGI computer emulation also some improvements with more disk image types being supported
◾For a more in-depth look at what MAME 0.213 brings along, you can check its full change log here

To grab MAME 0.213, head over to this link and select the download for the platform of your choice.