• The Libretro team is back, bringing a new version of the beloved emulator frontend, RetroArch. After releasing version 1.7.8 back in August, the team has made some new changes and released an update in the form of version 1.7.9. This time around, there's been a focus on quality of life features, resulting in new ways to navigate RetroArch's XMB; users can now use touchscreen gestures on supported devices in order to go through the menus. Tapping or swiping specific places onscreen will allow you to search for games, scroll through lists, change settings, and more, all without requiring a connected keyboard or gamepad. Some general improvements have also been made, such as adding Wiimote lightgun support on the Wii, solving a memory leak due to a video driver on the PS2, and giving some overall bugfixes in regards to the menu. If you want to make sure you've got the latest version for your setup, or want to try the new features out for yourself, you can download it from the source below.