Visual PinMAME v3.2 are released. PinMAME is a Multi-Arcade Pinball Machine emulator for Windows. Visual PinMAME is a totally new emulation project which is based on the current PinMAME source code.

Visual PinMAME changelog:
Version 3.2 (October 6th, 2019) - "Sounds good II"
Initial efforts to start converting the PinMAME source base over to the 3-Clause BSD License (not completed yet, so for the full binary package the old license stays in place for now!)

** CORE/CPU **
Improved HC55516 CVSD sound emulation (most Williams/Bally machines in the Gorgar up to Twilight Zone range)
Improved YM2151 sound/timing emulation (mainly WPC pre-DCS machines, maybe improves even other manufacturers like Data East)
Fixed the Nuova Bell sound board. This had various issues, and information is quite sparse
Implement 'fast flips' support for Jack*Bot and Metallica 1.80.0LE
Fix NBA Fastbreak 'fast flips' so that the million dollar shot works
Fix Champion Pub 'fast flips' support
Fixed Barni emulation
Added preliminary E.F.O. hardware support (games will crash after a few seconds due to protection)
Increased main CPU IRQ rate for Bushido, Mach 2, and Jolly Park
Decreased DMD CPU clock for Bushido, Mach 2, Jolly Park, and Verne's World
Inverted solenoid #20 on Jolly Park, fixes ball release from magnetic house
Stabilize speech on (at least) Zaccaria's Mexico 86 and Black Belt
Made sound/speech work for Cerberus and Spain 82 - the only sound device on these games is an EFO90503 (TMS5200 clone)
Fix sound command mode for Bally Squawk n Talk
Updated LISY support (Linux for Gottlieb System1 & System80, Bally, Atari, Williams and 'HOme' Pinballs): one can control real pinball machines via PinMAME, special hardware needed, have a look at &, also README.lisy

Thanks to inkochnito, Soren,, Onevox, Juan Josť Cordero, Juan (Akiles),, David Gersic, Quench, watacaractr, idleman, Gore Daimon, Alexandre Rocha, Matt Morin, COY, Stefan Fettes, The Sanctum, Bob Kane,

Barni: Champion
Cirsa: Sport 2000
Inder: Skate Board
Maibesa: Eight Ball Champ
ManilaMatic: Master (Italian),
Top Sound (French)
Nondum / CIFA: Come Back
Playbar: Cobra
Sport Matic: Terrific Lake
Stern: Cue (Prototype)

Correct Dumps:
Inder: Clown
Nuova Bell: Top Pin
Zaccaria: Pool Champion (Italian Speech) (was fused with the also incorrect 'Pool Champion (alternate sound)' set, so removed that one, note though that even like this it is not yet the fully correct set!)

Addams Family, The L-5C (competition MOD)
Attack From Mars 1.1 (Pinball FX MOD)
Big Guns L-AC (competition MOD)
Black Belt (Zaccaria) (Italian, German, and French Speech and corresponding Free Play variants)
Black Jack (Free Play+)
Champion Pub, The 1.6 (Pinball FX MOD)
Chicago Cubs Triple Play (German), (German Free Play)
Clash, The (unofficial MOD of Rock Encore)
Congo 1.1 with DCS-Sound rev. 1.0
Corvette PX-3 (also changed PX-4 and PX-5 to use the su2-sl1.rom sound instead of the final one)
Creature from the Black Lagoon L-4C (competition MOD) (replaces older Creature from the Black Lagoon L-5C (competition MOD))
Cyclopes (11/85)
Diner PA-0 (Prototype), LF-2 (French)
Dr. Dude LU-1 (Europe)
Eight Ball (Free Play+)
Eight Ball Deluxe (Player 2/4 Bonus Countdown Bugfix)
Elvira and the Party Monsters LF-1 (French)
Evel Knievel (Free Play+)
Fish Tales P-2 (Prototype)
Flash Gordon (French Vocalizer Sound and Free Play variant)
Freedom (Free Play+ rev. 07 and 20)
Gilligan's Island L-8
Gorgar (Lane Change MOD) (uses slam switch as lane change contact)
Heavy Metal Meltdown (German)
Jack*Bot 0.4A (Prototype)
Last Action Hero 1.06 (Canadian)
Mata Hari (Free Play+)
Medieval Madness 1.0 (Pinball FX MOD)
Metallica 1.80.0,1.80.0LE
Mousin' Around! LA-4C (competition MOD)
New Star's Phoenix (French Speech and corresponding Free Play variant)
Night Rider (Free Play+)
Party Zone F-4 (Pinball FX MOD)
Phantom of the Opera 3.1
Pharaoh L-2 (tomb sound fix MOD)
Police Force LG-4 (German)
Power Play (Free Play+)
Radical! L-1C (competition MOD)
Road Show L-6C (competition MOD)
Robocop A2.9
Rollergames L-2C (competition MOD)
Safe Cracker 1.8 (Pinball FX MOD)
Star Trek: The Next Generation LX-5
Star's Phoenix (French Speech and corresponding Free Play variant)
Star Wars 1.03 with Display A0.46
Strikes and Spares (Free Play+)
Theatre of Magic 1.3XC (competition MOD) (replaces older Theatre of Magic 1.5C (competition MOD))
Tom & Jerry (unofficial MOD of Hollywood Heat)
Wheel of Fortune 6.02 (Home Rom)
WWF Royal Rumble 1.03 (French)

** VPM **
Change the default of the 'ddraw' option to 0, which means that the faster (but less compatible nowadays) Direct Draw implementation of the window display is by default disabled
Extend builtin alternate sound file support (Sound Mode 1) with a new CSV file-format
Currently specified 8 fields/columns should have a standard order. But in order to be extensible, the first row must always contain all column names: "ID","CHANNEL","DUCK","GAIN","LOOP","STOP","NAME", "FNAME"
(So put this definition above as-is into the first line of the CSV).
Possible future extensions could be: "GROUP","SHAKER","SERIAL".
Then for each sound/line: ID: hexadecimal integer (as string) representing the soundboard command (format e.g. "0x10e"), technical ID as it comes from the MPU.
CHANNEL: use specified channel for the sample. If something is already playing on that channel it will be stopped. Typical channel assignment should be 0: background music, 1: short music snippets, that interrupt or end the background music, everything else (2..15): arbitrary channels. If field is empty, any free channel (2..15) is used.
DUCK: reduce volume of the background music when playing the sample. Range 0-100 (i.e. percentage).
GAIN: increase or reduce volume of the sample. Range 0-100. 50 leaves the sample volume as-is (it's recommended to not go over 50 to avoid sample clamping/distortion).
LOOP: loop the sample this many times. Range 0-100, where 100 represents endless looping of the sample.
STOP: stop playback of background music. Can be 0 or 1.
NAME: string, descriptive/internal name of the sample.
FNAME: string, actual filepath/filename of the sample. Can contain any path prefixes if one likes to organize sound files in directories.
The only fields that need to be specified are id, name and fname, the rest can optionally be left empty and will be filled in with defaults.
If the table contains more than one record for a certain ID, the sound engine will pick one of these randomly. These same IDs must be grouped together one after another in a sequence.
Note that the old folder based structure is still fully supported for backwards compatibility.
Add Whitestar support to the builtin alternate sound file support (Sound Mode 1)
New (backwards compatible) parameter to allow for mech configuration/specifying an initial position, instead of always loading it from NVRAM
Add special "handlemech" modes to Bride of Pinbot (bop_l7)
-1: Reset Bride of Pinbot's face to 0 for consistent startup behavior, but then disable internal mech
-2: Reset face and continue using internal mech
Allow window position (x,y) to be less than 0 in cabinet mode, so primary monitor can be put "below" the DMD monitor
Add additional .raw/non-averaged file output if dumping DMD frames from GTS3 and WPC machines
Improve timing precision of DMD frame dumps
Fix for external dmddevice(64).dll: map GEN_GTS80B to _2x20Alpha layout
Also introduce new function to dmddevice interface: void Render_PM_Alphanumeric_Dim_Frame(layout_t layout, const UINT16 *const seg_data, const char *const seg_dim, const UINT16 *const seg_data2); which includes dimming of segments
Also (optionally) extend dmddevice interface (with noOfRawFrames and rawbuffer):
void Render_16_Shades_with_Raw(UINT16 width, UINT16 height, UINT8 *currbuffer, UINT32 noOfRawFrames, UINT8 *rawbuffer);
void Render_4_Shades_with_Raw (UINT16 width, UINT16 height, UINT8 *currbuffer, UINT32 noOfRawFrames, UINT8 *rawbuffer);
In addition add support for a secondary external DMD device dll with (for now) the same interface as dmddevice(64).dll: dmdscreen(64).dll (i.e. used to drive PUP at the moment)
update BASS library to 2.4.14