As the PlayStation 3 is over a decade old, CFW releases are usually taking longer when Sony decides to push out a new firmware update due to less people working on them.

However, some dedicated developers still remain and CFWs still keep being updated and last week, we had Rebug 4.85.1 LITE from Rebug Team. Now, another CFW has descended upon us and that?s FERROX 4.85 thanks to work by developer @Alexander which took a while to be release due to the developer being pretty busy lately.
Together with the usual features of FERROX CFWs, FERROX 4.85 brings along:

  • An updated version of Cobra, now sporting version 8.20
  • 4.85 keys for games signed with them
  • The ability to install it from HFW 4.85.1 after running the NOR/NAND flasher
  • Other features which can be seen by following the link below. Obviously, you need a CFW-compatible PS3 [minver of 3.56 or lower] to install FERROX.

To download the PUP file for FERROX 4.85, check out this link (direct MEGA link as the release thread hides links if you don?t have account). The MD5 of the PUP is ?ab1bd8c18b8b27af1a06fc2034b4463f​?. An English translation of the FERROX 4.85?s release thread (which is in Italian) can be found here on PSX-Place.