This week, the PlayStation Vita hacking scene suffered a considerable setback after the creator of VitaDock, xCorra, seemed to have disappeared from the internet leaving most if not all backers with absolutely nothing. In light of this, people that worked with xCorra for VitaDock?s software (Raspberry Pi image) and the 3D design were nice enough to provide the files they had so others could create their own VitaDock. As a result, Vita-related news on Wololo this week was focused about VitaDock but there were also some notable homebrew releases which we?ll be looking at now.

One of these releases is NoAutoAVLS by SKGleba which can be seen as the indirect successor to the NoAVLS plugin released back in 2017. AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiter System) is a ?feature? that limits the headphone volume in order to prevent ear damage present on most European PSVita models. Contrary to NoAVLS, NoAutoAVLS isn?t a plugin but instead it does a small modification to idstorage to toggle a flag meaning that the change is permanent and persists even when the PSVita isn?t in hacked mode.
To download NoAutoAVLS, either grab the VPK from here or download it from VHBB. You may view its README here.
Other than NoAutoAVLS, the following PSVita homebrew also got released this week: